What Happens When You Don’t Stand Up?

I looked around my office this week and smiled. I’m living a life that I didn’t volunteer for. It is the result of an invitation I didn’t take — or at least didn’t remember taking.

Graham often ends his meetings with an opportunity to respond to what God is saying. They’re usually no-brainers. Who doesn’t want an upgrade in their relationship with God or a renewed mindset?

In the dozens of times I’ve heard Graham, there is only one offer that I didn’t respond to. Graham had painted a masterful picture of the coming changes in the Kingdom landscape. He gave signposts of personal transition: loss of grace for current jobs, feelings of wanting to explore and your current territory feeling too small. Lots of people stood up for the impartation on offer, while I stayed happily seated.

I felt blessed to be living in a town I adored, working as a teacher with great students, ministering in women’s prisons, seeing miracles and being part of an awesome team that was exploring new things. I didn’t stand up because I didn’t see anything that needed to change. I was happy and content in every way.

Two years later, I live in a new house in a new town. I retired from teaching after 20 years to become a professional visionary, strategist, intercessor, trainer, writer and adventurer. Every morning, I wake up and realize I am living in the unfolding of words about my life that I didn’t even understand until now.

Changes came in both “suddenlies” and gradually over time. I saw miracles of provision and favor that I could never have imagined.  My only job became to just keep saying “yes”.

But I always wondered: Why I didn’t say “yes” that night? Why didn’t I sense the changes that were coming?

Until I recently listened to an old conference by Graham called, “A Way in the Wilderness.” There was an invitation at the end of one of the sessions for those who felt they had outgrown where they were and were willing to let God take them into a new landscape. I had said “yes” to that one. I had stood at the front of the church while Graham prayed that life as we had known it was going to change completely.

I guess I didn’t need to stand again. God never forgot that “yes.”

And while I stayed seated that night three years later, He simply smiled.


A little bit about Allison: After 20 years as a professional educator, Allison joined the team in 2010 and began working on the development of The Warrior Class, becoming its director at the beginning of 2011.  She is a joyful intercessor and an innovative trainer who brings practical strategies to lifestyle spirituality.  Allisonis a writer, speaker, encourager and visionary.  Her energetic, people-loving nature creates an atmosphere in which others can dream, grow and thrive. 


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