Risk & Rest

There are many words that the English language pairs together:

Peace & Quiet

Leaps & Bounds

Bits & Pieces

Fast & Furious

And in Texas: Lock & Load

We have these word-partners sprinkled throughout our vocabularies; words that share similar meanings and have become connected. But Risk & Rest are not like that.  In fact, most people would never think of them together… except God. He seems to think they work quite nicely in partnership.

He paired them for Moses at the Red Sea while they were at tremendous risk of being slaughtered by the Egyptian army in Exodus 13, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

At risk from his enemies, David puts them together in Psalm 62 when he said, “Yes, my soul, find rest in God alone; my hope comes only from Him.”

And consider this quote from Graham’s corporate prophetic word, “Inheritance & Glory:” “On the road of your life I have placed blessings, provisions and authority. Often they are situated next to crisis, enemy activity and human opposition, just where you need them to be so that you may always overcome.”

I used to think of crisis, enemy activity and human opposition as risk-filled places where I was likely to get hurt, not repositories for blessing, provision and authority. It began to occur to me that if such good things are waiting for me in these situations, my natural response should become more restful and peaceful when I encounter these formerly “risk-filled” situations. It’s an on-going journey to that perspective, but a good one.

In life, we will be taking risks. As we explore the Kingdom, each of us should be attempting to do things that we have never done before.

Each of us will be stepping out into the unknown.

This has been certainly true in The Warrior Class, since it is a pioneering work. We know we will get off course on days and have to backtrack. We’ll discover better ways of doing things and the higher ways of how God sees. We’ll say things we wished we hadn’t and have the opportunity to build relationship by dealing with them in love and honesty.

Graham made a great observation while we were sitting in Ontario at the recent Aglow conference, waiting for our website to come online. He was hoping that all involved in this new endeavor would simply enjoy the learning. “Hey,” he commented, “none of us has ever done this before, so we can’t make a mistake.”

While I’ve heard him make this comment in his teaching for years, it had a much stronger impact in this context, as he awaited the outcome of two years and a substantial financial investment. He was sincerely unconcerned about all of it. In fact, he was amusing himself by rolling about the open floor in an office chair while we were having this chat.

As the discussion evolved, there was a new thought that we encountered.

“Then, if we are always taking risks and doing new things, then we can’t ever make a mistake?”

“Yeah,” Graham replied as he rolled by. “Exactly.”

On the drive home, I realized: In the past two years, I have failed at more things than at any other time in my life.  I have moved too quickly at times and too slowly at others. I have confused His ways for mine. And then there’s the enormous list of things I simply just didn’t know how to do, so I learned as I went, which wasn’t always the straightest line between two points.

But I haven’t made a single mistake.

With The Warrior Class, everything was a “first time” and with everything I wish I’d done differently, I’ve learned incredible lessons that have impacted my life. My areas that are “missing” continue to become clearer and God’s passion to stand in my gaps has left me in awe and wonder.  My dependency on the genius of the Holy Spirit and my appreciation of unconditionally loving friends continues to grow.

We can only fail if we don’t learn from our experiences.

Which makes “Risk & Rest” a pretty good pair after all.



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