I Said “Yes” to What?

I remember the first time I ever heard Graham talk about acceleration. It wasn’t a teaching, it was a corporate prophetic word entitled, Favor As You’ve Never Heard It Before. There was one particular line that sent ripples through the crowd:

“You’ll no longer be able to walk with God. You’ll have to learn to run.”

It is a word full of grace to accelerate in your development and live in the favor of God’s provision. The following day in my personal prophetic appointment, one of the team members said that this corporate prophecy would become my life. So in the following months, I wrote it out, pulled out all the promises, the conditions and listened to it again and again. I treated it as if it had been my own personal word from the Father and it initiated a life that I still live: one of delightful acceleration and provision.

There is a specific opportunity in that word that Graham still offers on a regular basis: the possibility of experiencing 5 years growth in 12 months. I was certainly feeling as if I had lost time to make up for in my spiritual development, so that seemed like good news the first time I heard it. Sure, I’ll take that.

What followed was 12 months of some of the most intense circumstances I’ve ever known. They were varied and unique, and they unveiled some pretty significant gaps in my Christ-likeness. God’s provision of Himself to me in those gaps left me in wonder.

I’m not sure if I made the 5 year mark in 12 months, but it was a time of significant transformation that has remained. Acceleration has become my lifestyle, just as the word promised.

So when Graham recently offered 5 years growth in SIX months, my initial thought was “Great! An upgrade!”.

What was I thinking? I joyfully stood there like a rookie, wondering what the adventure would be this time. And to think, I actually had some experience to know what I was signing on for! But it was too late; that adoring-Jesus-so-much-your-brain-becomes-jello thing had kicked in.

There was no waiting period. The acceleration locomotive roared into my life. On days, I can run alongside this new pace and swing on board. On several occasions, I’ve been run over by it, but I see Jesus laughing and waving at me to get up and run again.  His hand is always extended to help me swing on board. I marvel at the new gaps in my Christ-likeness that have become visible and am humbled by His grace to fill them once again. It is a rare day that there is not a major life lesson, revelation or encounter. My journaling has become Post-Its with thoughts I don’t want to lose but the sheer volume makes it tough to record in detail yet.

I am joyful, broken, awe-struck, laughing, peaceful, tearful and hopeful. I’ve found that even though I’ve wanted to take back my “yes” on days, Jesus holds on to it and smiles.

It is overwhelming at times, but the joy and possibilities are too great to miss. I want to see what’s around the next bend. Any adversity or failure provides another revelation of His kindness and provision. The reasons to celebrate are numerous.  I need the Comforter daily, so we’re discovering a great new level of  friendship.

The accelerated life is not for the faint of heart, nor for those that want God to rescue them from discomfort. You’ve been duly informed of the risks now, but I’ll encourage you: if you’re in a conference with Graham or listening to a CD in which he makes this offer?

Take it. Oh yeah… definitely take it.



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