Days of Grace

Yesterday was a day of grace. I was up all night with food poisoning (’nuff said), the car wasn’t running right and my husband’s job hunt continues…and continues.

The day before was a day of grace too. It was a day where God was so tangibly present that I phoned up the world and cancelled everything. It was a day to be overwhelmed with majesty, awe and wonder. To cry and laugh and be loved outrageously.

Two days earlier was a day of grace as well. That day was spent with the best of friends, dialoguing, dreaming, strategizing and laughing. It also included a dinner, that, while delicious, may have resulted in yesterday’s day of grace.

The day prior to this was a 12 hour work marathon that included a several rounds with an uncooperative printer, an unscheduled drama in ministry world and another with a friend. (“Scheduled” drama is a silly, unrealistic concept that persists in my head.) That was a day of grace too.

Once upon a time, these were known as “good” days and “bad” days. But years ago, Graham said something that completely and utterly changed my perception of life around me. Of his thousands of brilliant thoughts, it may be my favorite:

“What if there were no good days or bad days, only days of grace?”

At first, I embraced it with enthusiasm. “Sure, I want to live like that!” But I was still learning that loving a concept was not the same as living in its reality. Too often, I have settled for a refrigerator magnet phrase instead of a lifestyle transformation. Eventually, I’ve had to admit the truth: just because it’s on the fridge, doesn’t mean it’s actually my life.

Yet over the years, a growing evenness has settled in as days of grace have taken hold. I find that I do not miss the wild ups and downs that “good” and “bad” days created.

If it’s a day where I seem to be running in stride with Him and with the world around me, then it’s an opportunity to soak in the synergy. It’s a day to be thankful.

If circumstances are pressing, then days of grace give me eyes to see the gift God has hidden in the situation—even when it’s my failures that cause the pressing. In fact, those are the days where His grace seems strongest. They give me permission to embrace His kindness and be transformed by it. It’s a day to be thankful.

Is my mind completely renewed to always see life this way? Not yet, but the days of grace far outnumber the good and bad ones now—though I’m not quite sure when that happened. Maybe it’s been the accumulated weight of grace. Little by little, day after day, until embracing days of grace overcame all the heaviness that good and bad days brought—and tipped the scales in my favor.

By Allison Bown

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