Life in the Clash Between Two Kingdoms: Part 1

It sure sounded exciting when we first heard it in The Warrior Class: “Worshipping Warriors.” Like the first scene in a war movie, our uniforms were shiny, bright, our equipment new and we couldn’t wait to leap into the fray. Most of us in The Warrior Class have a bit of experience with this life now, and the concept is shifting to reality.

The fight is no longer imaginary. It is quite real: for Graham’s health; in our life circumstances; in the religious territories that stretch before us. We’ve found that “joyful intentionality” requires focus, brilliant thinking isn’t automatic (at first) and that our adversary doesn’t willingly hand over the territory of our truest identity.

But something else has become even more real: The majesty and supremacy of God.

A majestic, elevated perspective is not trite lingo that we banter about in our TWC world; we can’t afford it to be. It is the vital place we are learning to abide and the only atmosphere in which we can thrive.

Every war has its ebb and flow. From time to time, we’ll take our licks. We will need our friends for perspective and our prophecies as an anchor. There will be tears, hurts and situations that turn out differently than we anticipated. We’ll be acutely aware of all we are not, which will open a door to seeing all that He is.

Every adversity is an encounter with two promises from God: That we will have tribulations… and that we’re living in the One who has overcome the world.

Years ago, I sat alone during a blowout Renewal meeting, in the midst of a thousand people, all worshipping and dancing, while my life was in ruins. I could no longer create a pretense that my world was okay. My friends were absent. It was too big of a mess to deal with.

But on that day, when everyone else left, Jesus walked in. His love was not tempered with “lessons I needed to learn”, nor kept in reserved until He saw how I responded.
It was overwhelming and without condition. The best I had to give Him was broken, chaotic and polluted… and in the kindest voice, I’ve ever known, He simply said, “I’ll take it”. He spoke to my true identity, as one who was a whole, beloved daughter and warrior; and that’s how He’s talked to me ever since.

The greatest warriors fight for love; not for glory or fame or even to right a wrong. They fight because they’ve never lost the passion for the One who fought for them.

It is the passion that comes from being so exquisitely loved that provokes profound worship, no matter what surrounds us. The Worshipping Warrior does not reserve their praise for “no conflict zones”, but kneels as the bullets fly and simply says, “I trust You… because I know who You have been to me and I know who You will be.”

By Allison Bown


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