Our Standing in Christ: The List

Wow! It is hard to believe that it has been a full two weeks since the kick off of MIND OF A SAINT. Every day has been a whirlwind of activity as we have been working endlessly to get the Mind of a Saint video all ready and our new Brilliant Perspectives online store up and running.

Pre-orders for the conference are shipping TODAY 😀 and now folks can head over to the store for DVD orders or save a little cash and use our new Video on Demand option – which we are pretty excited about. You can watch MIND OF A SAINT on any device at any time, from anywhere! Cool huh?

This week we have a very special perk for folks that are members of the our site …
There is a printable version and fancy version of the list that Graham read through during the last session of MIND OF A SAINT. Weren’t there? Don’t know what you missed? Well … today is your DAY because I am going to share a little video clip with you right here 😀

Want the list in a printable version to print and post on your refrigerator, mirror, or message board? Of course you do! Just make sure you log in and head over to the member page. You will find the link there for two versions of the list —one simple and one fancy. Just click on the links and save or print. Aren’t a member? Well, why on earth not? It is free. Sign up!

OK. That is all for now. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!!


2 thoughts on “Our Standing in Christ: The List

    • Hi Jim,

      The Brilliant Perspectives site is currently under construction and at this time they aren’t accepting new members. The new Brilliant Perspectives sight should launch very soon though and then you will be able to sign up with Brilliant Perspectives.

      Have a great day!


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