The Portland Sessions Returns May 2015!

Graham Cooke returns to Portland this May for an all new prophetic conference called Making a Prophetic Impact!

Making a Prophetic Impact is designed to upgrade our own relationship with the Lord as prophetic people. There is a specific language that occurs in prophecy when we understand the context of what God is doing. Knowing and experiencing that language is the difference between moving in the gift of prophecy and beginning to develop into a prophetic ministry.

If you are interested in upgrading your relationship with the Lord and exploring new territory in the prophetic, then this event will provide a rich environment for accelerated growth, surrounded by a group of people who feel the same way!


Register for Making a Prophetic Impact now! This three-day event also includes the option of buying tickets for a catered Q&A with Graham on the second day of the event! Furthermore, worship will be led at the start of every session by the incredible Jonathan David Helser.

Listen to a song off of his most recent album below:

CLICK HERE to register for Making a Prophetic Impact.


4 thoughts on “The Portland Sessions Returns May 2015!

  1. Will Graham be speaking in Portland Wa or Everett WA in 2015-2016? Would love to come hear him speak. It’s been about 3 years since I’ve seen him & Theresa. Thank you!


  2. Blessings I am grateful for this ministry and for the MOG who seeks to do the will of the Father and to teach the church to seek God on a much higher level, i recently moved back to Portland, OR and am looking for a Spirit-filled church who moves strongly in ALL five fold ministries, especially in the Apostolic and Prophetic. Can you suggest or inform me of such churches here? Thank you and God bless


    • Hi Erick,

      Graham isn’t personally affiliated with any churches in the area, but some of Graham’s fans have mentioned a few churches in Vancouver, Washington that you may be interested in checking out.
      Both Activate Church and Bethesda are churches we’ve heard great things about! I hope this helps and have a great day!

      Moxi from Team Brilliant


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