Special Offers at Brilliant Book House for February 2015!

This month Brilliant Book House is introducing an all new teaching collection, The Compendium Volume 2, filled with 10 of Graham’s best teachings for increase and upgrade. These teachings were hand-picked to give you a fresh perspective on your circumstances by focusing on God’s grace and infinite loving-kindness.

The Compendium Volume 2 is available now at Brilliant Book House for $50.

Compendium 2

CLICK HERE to purchase The Compendium Volume 2.

The Compendium Volume 1 is also available this month at a discounted price. The Compendium Volume 1 contains some of Graham’s most beloved messages and is great for those who are new to Graham’s teachings. Read this review left by Nathan at BrilliantBookHouse.com:

This set was my formal introduction to Graham’s ministry, and I can say I was delighted by what I found. The strides I’ve made in the renewal of my mind and spirit have been incredible. Old, crusty paradigms and poor thoughts about myself and about God are being obliterated and new, brilliant thoughts and paradigms are replacing them. Being of melancholy temperament, Graham’s infectious optimism has been the balance I needed. I’m so grateful that The Lord led me to Graham’s ministry. I think I will look back at this CD set as a turning point in my walk with God. Very highly recommended!

Compendium Volume 1CLICK HERE to purchase The Compendium Volume 1 for only $40.


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