Becoming Champion Receivers of Love


On any given day, there are songs, laughter and conversation all around you. In almost any room in any place, music is playing. The only difference between hearing it or not is if you have a radio (or smart phone) tuned in so you can listen. The sound exists, but it doesn’t exist for you until you have a receiver that can pull it from the airwaves and broadcast it into your world.

Our first role in the Kingdom is to become excellent receivers of the love of God and of His true nature — before we become “broadcasters.” 

On eight different occasions, the gospels record Jesus saying, “For him who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Apparently, just possessing those sound receptacles on the sides of our heads doesn’t guarantee comprehension. We can recognize the sounds and words, but “hearing” involves translating the Truth we hear into understanding that creates lasting change in our mindsets and perceptions. Lots of people heard the teachings of Jesus, but not everyone experienced transformation just by being present.

We intentionally, joyfully, take the Truth we’ve heard and keep listening,

receiving and beholding God in it… until we become like Him,

loving who He created us to be as much as He does.

It’s a “show and tell” world: images and experiences open the door for people to listen to the radiant differences that should be evident in the lives of those who have a vibrant relationship with Jesus. Beloved ones who know they are beloved are listeners who have received, and received, and received His love for them.

The “static” of fear, anxiety, poor histories that we’ve allowed to define us, can filter God’s reassurances of our beloved-ness into a vague sound that has little meaning for us. We discount God’s love based on our behavior when His love is founded only on our identity as His child. As we embrace thanksgiving, stillness and rejoicing, we become more able to hear clearly the Truth of how much we are loved by a God who adores us.

We become able to love ourselves as fully as He loves us, because we’ve seen our lives through His eyes… and heard clearly His kind words “I love you.”

It is from that place of believing who He says that we really are, that we begin to build a reservoir of love. It becomes a deep well that we can draw on for ourselves when the world around us doesn’t seem to care much for who we are. And as we are wonderfully overwhelmed with a sense of how valued we are because of our God-given identity (not our behavior), we begin to overflow to others.

Overwhelmed and overflowing…. in that order.

We live in the truth that “We love Him, because He first loved us.” (1 John 4:19) We become champion receivers of God’s unchanging, enduring, joyful love for us, and shine with the brilliance of truly being the Beloved Ones that we were created to be.


The image used in this article is a derivative of “Phonograph” by Javier Kohen used under CC by 2.0

2 thoughts on “Becoming Champion Receivers of Love

  1. I heard the Spirit tell me the other day that I am so perfectly & completely loved that if no human ever loves me or understands me or appreciates me ever again it would not matter…still soaking that in but I can feel the change in me.


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