We Are Not For Sale

Not For Sale

As many of our readers already know, Graham is an ambassador for communities of faith in the Body of Christ on behalf of Not For Sale. Not For Sale, who just celebrated their 8th birthday, is an organization focused on ending human trafficking by providing not only services and shelter for those that they save, but also by giving them job-skills and providing opportunities so they can begin living normal lives again once they are freed.

Check out Not For Sale’s Impact Report for 2013, HERE, and you can see for yourself all of the incredible work that they are doing.

Why does trafficking exist? Because there is a skyrocketing demand.

Consumer demand for cheap products, labor and services is enormous. In the commercial sex industry business is booming. Traffickers can work in virtually every country around the world and move to wherever the greatest profit can be extracted. Their prime recruitment zones shift rapidly to best exploit opportunities. Combating the crime is complicated. Its covert nature coupled with improperly trained government and civic bodies, corruption and lax enforcement of laws and statutes create the perception of low risk for traffickers.

Globalization has brought growing ease of conducting business across national borders. 

Business supply chains are increasingly complex, and the raw materials for products come from all over the world. The businesses selling our t-shirts, chocolate and cell phones rarely know where these raw materials are coming from, or who is assembling the products before their final stages. Numerous brokers and middlemen complicate attempts to link a finished product to the individual who produced a fraction of its parts. This lack of transparency allows for unregulated production and many times unsafe or illegal practices in the workplace, including modern day slavery.

What can we do to help?

Not For Sale make a donation

Not For Sale’s reach is felt worldwide thanks to the help of awesome people like you! Just by making yourself aware of the prevalence of human trafficking in your own community can have a great impact, but if you are able, please consider donating to Not For Sale, HERE.

Information and images taken from NotForSaleCampaign.org

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