Worship Spotlight: Jonathan David Helser

Jonathan & Melissa Helser

Jonathan David Helser will be traveling all the way to Portland, Oregon this May to lead worship for the Making a Prophetic Impact conference, and we are so excited! Graham and Jonathan have known each other for many years, and Graham was a fundamental part of fostering Jonathan’s passion for worship and music.

In regards to Jonathan and Graham’s relationship, Jonathan writes, “I love the relationship between the prophet Samuel and David in the scriptures. Samuel had eyes to see who David was born to be and he called out the king inside of the shepherd boy. The prophet saw the oak tree inside of the acorn. Just as Samuel freely poured oil over David’s head and woke up the greatness inside of him, Graham has awakened so much destiny in my life, and I am so grateful for the relationship I’ve been able to have with him.

He has spoken into my life for the last 16 years. The first time I met Graham, I was just a young kid doing my best trying to lead worship at conference here in North Carolina that Graham was speaking at. I was so nervous because I had been listening to Graham’s teaching tapes for quite a long time, and he has become one of my spiritual heroes. I will never forget the way that Graham spoke into my life after that meeting.  I had never felt so believed in and fought for. He had eyes to see the harvest in the seed.”

A few weeks ago, we asked Jonathan why worship was so important and what it meant for him personally, and he said, “One of my favorite stories that Graham has told is the story of when his kids came to him one Christmas and asked, ‘Dad, can we have some money to buy you an amazing Christmas gift?’ this interaction between Graham and his children paints the picture of what worship is. In order to love the Father and give Him a gift, we first must receive His love. We love God because He first gave His love to us.

The other day I was thinking about this love between the Father and His children, and I saw the same pattern in the rain. The water cycle reveals the beauty of worship. It all begins when the heavens open and pour out water upon the earth. As the earth receives Heaven’s gift, it is filled with life and color. Then the sun rises across the sky and effortlessly pulls forth the gift from the earth. Water evaporates by the power of the sun and fills the heavens, until they get so full they can’t contain themselves. Then they pour the gift back on the earth all over again. This is what worship looks like. Worship is the beautiful exchange between Heaven and Earth. The Father first sings over us and fills our hearts with love. When we receive His love, our deserts are turned into gardens. Then the Son of God blazes across the horizon of our lives and draws out the love in our hearts. As our songs ascend into the heavens, the Lord’s heart expands like the clouds, until He can’t contain Himself and He pours His affection over us again.

Oswald Chambers sums this up with this beautiful thought: ‘Worship is giving back to God the best He has given to us.'”

Listen to Jonathan Helser’s newest release with his group, Cageless Birds:

If you would like to see Jonathan Helser live in Portland, Oregon this May, you can register to attend Making a Prophetic Impact HERE!

Or, if you would like to purchase one of Jonathan Helser’s amazing CDs, you can do so by clicking HERE.

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