Check Out the New Graham Cooke Compendium Volume 2!

The Graham Cooke Compendium volume 2 is a collection of messages from over the years that have inspired and encouraged countless people all over the world. By bringing them together into this one CD set, we hope to create a valuable resource where teachings on everything from proclamation and forgiveness to worship and healing can bring the Kingdom to Earth on every single listen!


To give you a better idea of what you’re in for with this BRILLIANT new CD collection, here’s an introduction to every teaching you will find within it.


God has plans for us, but those plans can only come to fruition if we release ourselves from the shackles of our past and embrace the majesty of our future with Him. This message will inspire you to disconnect from disillusionment and rise above any judgment or oppression that has come before you.


When you come to terms with the love God has for you and the belief He has in you, you realize that it’s time to start moving towards your destiny! This teaching is all about exploring the spirit of permission and promise.


It’s all too easy to get busy and distracted in your day-to-day life, but that doesn’t mean you have to submit to exhaustion and inertia. This message focuses on the art of staying fresher for longer, and how that approach can really turn your circumstances and situations around for the better.


This extraordinary teaching from The Overcoming Life 2: Rules Of Engagement deals with worship and its importance in our lives. Rejoicing isn’t just something to do before a service on a Sunday; it should be a lifestyle choice, an armor of Light that protects you no matter what! This message explains how we are always capable of bringing the power of Heaven to Earth through the joy and majesty of worship.


This CD is a soaking session, with Graham delivering an empowering message over the gentle music of Molly Skaggs on piano. This is the perfect backdrop to a time of rest, reflection or meditation, and will sooth you with its powerful message.


Even when things seem to be going wrong, there are ways not only to persevere but to prosper! This message teaches us how to anticipate the blessings ahead of us, and how that excitement in the journey makes it even easier to move onwards and upwards. This stimulating message is a must-listen!


The Lord loves who you are, adores who you are becoming, and wants to move you from glory into glory. This classic teaching covers a lot of ground, focusing on how placing our trust and faith in the Lord moves us all closer to overcoming our obstacles.


What you generate by yourself is what the Bible defines as ‘measure’. What God provides is what the Bible defines as ‘abundance’, and the difference between the two is often your obedience and willingness to take God at His word. This powerful teaching will walk you through how best to walk and work alongside the Lord.


This empowering message is all about how we do not need to rely on other people when it comes to our own personal relationship with the Lord. No matter what is occurring in our lives, the opportunity to become like God is always available, so by using rest, grace, patience, kindness and all of the other fruits of the Spirit that are available to us, we can reach a better place in life for us and even everyone around us!


This collection ends with this impactful prophetic word from the Seasoned In The Prophetic teaching series. If you’re ready to go to a deeper place in your relationship with the Lord, you are going to love this message.

So there you have it. Ten BRILLIANT reasons to check out The Graham Cooke Compendium volume 2, available exclusively at! Be sure to leave us a comment with your own stories and testimonies regarding any of the messages we mentioned above. We love to hear about the awesome things that God is doing in your life.

CLICK HERE to purchase the Graham Cooke Compendium Volume 2 at Brilliant Book House.


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