Playlist Picks for February 2015: Cageless Birds

Earlier in the month we did a feature on Jonathan Helser who will be leading worship at the Graham Cooke conference, Making a Prophetic Impact, in May. But did you know that Jonathan and his wife, Melissa are part of a bigger group of artists called Cageless Birds? Cageless Birds is a collective of passionate artists led by Jonathan and Melissa who believe that creativity is vital and essential to life as we are made in the image of the Creator.

In the winter of 2012, this group came together to record, “Live at Home,” an incredibly powerful album that can both set the tone for times of relaxed meditation or joyful worship.

Jonathan and Melissa wrote,

Live at Home‘Live at Home’ is the first creative adventure of our collective Cageless Birds. The idea for this album was born one day when we were dreaming out loud together. We fell into one of those moments where beautiful “what if” statements started cascading upon one another.

Our conversation sounded something like this…

“What if we recorded an album in our house? What if invite everyone in our band to record one of their songs for the album? What if we recorded the whole album in one week? What if we film each song, so that everyone could see what’s happening in this community? What if we made this project a true story and didn’t overdub or gloss over the mistakes? What if we let it be a real live album…”

One of us said ‘this is crazy’ and both of us said ‘let’s do it.’ And so we did. We are very excited to share with you this project that came from our community stepping out on the water.

What’s even better is you can listen to the album for free in its entirety on Spotify:

If you aren’t a Spotify subscriber, you can watch the videos of all the songs on “Live at Home” on Jonathan and Melissa’s website, here.

If you are interested in purchasing Live at Home you can do so at Brilliant Book House by clicking here.

Or, if you would like to see what else Cageless Birds is up to, or are interested in any of their other materials, you can check out their website by clicking here.

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