Graham’s Schedule for March 2015

March 2015

Check out Graham’s schedule for March 2015! If you are interested in attending any of these events, follow the links beneath the descriptions!

+March 5–7 in Longmont, Colorado:
Vinelife Church: For Goodness Sake
What would happen if the goodness of God touched the places you live and the people you love? What would change in your neighborhood, workplace and city? Explore with us what it looks like to be a people of radically good news in every place we walk.

To register, click here.

+March 11 in Santa Barbara, California:
The Santa Barbara Sessions: Breaking the Mold
The truth that sets us free, must, of necessity, change everything in our lives! It must break us out of any space that confines, and release us into a new place in the Spirit.
To register, click here.
+March 19–22 in Melbourne, Australia:
Stairway Church: The Deeper Conference 2015
Receiving information opens up the possibilities of transformation, but long-term, heartfelt change is accompanied by experiences and encounters with God. As Jesus is raising up His people at this time, to powerfully carry His life and presence into our communities through our daily lives, this year Deeper will provide extended opportunities for encounter and experience through amazing times of worship and ministry in the prophetic.

To register, click here.

+March 28–29 in Everton Park, Australia:
Nexus Church
Click here to visit Nexus Church online to learn more and register to attend!

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