The Santa Barbara Sessions: Breaking the Mold

The Santa Barbara Sessions are the perfect place to begin exploring new topics or digging deeper on topics you’re already familiar with, for instance, last year Graham planned to teach the Growing Up in God Series that he had done at The Portland Sessions previously, but ended up going so in depth that Brilliant Book House later released the expanded edition on its site because of all the incredible new content that had been unearthed. The new series, Breaking the Mold is sure to be just as full of new wisdom and fresh opportunities for upgrade!

Breaking the Mold is all about letting Truth change our lives; it’s about breaking out of what confines us and being released into a new place in the Spirit. The Truth creates a new perspective, upgrades our mindset and empowers us to learn the language of Heaven.

So, if you’re ready to claim new territory, receive more upgrades and learn the language of Heaven, check out the next installment of The Santa Barbara Sessions on March 11th.

Santa Barbara Sessions

Tickets are $30 and are available online, HERE.

​Come ​and ​discover ​the ​lifestyle ​of ​breakthrough ​that ​Jesus ​requires ​in ​our ​walk ​with ​Him.


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