Making a Prophetic Impact with Graham Cooke: May 28–30

At Making a Prophetic Impact, your relationship with the Lord will be upgraded as you learn the language of prophecy, which will help you better understand the context of what God is doing. Knowing this language is a key difference between moving in the gift of prophecy and moving in prophetic ministry. It allows a spiritual impartation to be released that produces courage, growth and tactical awareness of the Presence of God in every eventuality

God not only wants to see you set free, He wants to see you claim all the upgrades waiting for you in the Spirit. He wants to see you overcome everything in your life by turning to Him as your Best Friend and Comforter; He wants to cheer you on every step of your journey as you step away from your comfort zone to explore new territory and experience a fresh infilling of His passion toward you.

To register to attend Making a Prophetic Impact, click here.


One thought on “Making a Prophetic Impact with Graham Cooke: May 28–30

  1. My heart is longing, just *longing* for more of God, more of His Presence, more of Him. I am so hungry. I belong to a more traditional church that is a little bit afraid of the gifts of the Spirit. Holy Spirit gets lip service, but not a lot of control. Sometimes my spirit is just yelling inside because I know there is so much more!! I wish to learn more about prophecy, about stepping out and giving words to others so that they might know the incredible love of the Father. I want the upgrades! Father God knows my heart, and I know that He will lead and guide me. I pray that He might make a way because as someone new to prophecy, I hesitate. I feel like I don’t know enough to even do this. This clip brought me to tears. I don’t know right now what my destiny is, where my piece of territory is. I know that God will show me…


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