Brilliant Tribe Spotlight from The Warrior Class: Doris Chapman

Permission to Do Church Different

If you have ever been frustrated and disappointed and what you get when you go to the church in four walls, you would definitely want to listen to Graham`s teachings from Radical Permission 1&2. It actually started for me long before when I heard his earlier teaching on walking off your map. I knew there had to be more to this Christian walk than what I was experiencing. People were leaving churches in droves, especially up here in the Northwest. There were few people bold enough to talk about having permission to do church differently.

I was one who had walked away. From the rigidity of my Catholic upbringing to the freedom of the charismatic movement, there was something missing. And I just needed permission to become all that God had placed in me and the tools to unpack what that was. In the process of giving myself permission to pursue all that God intended for me,  I got wrecked, cleaned, healed and rebirthed over and over again. I went back to the four walls with new hope only to be dashed again, unwilling to submit to a performance based religion. Again I just threw it all down. There had to be a better way.

Much of the problem was mine. I too was so performance oriented that if the churches didn’t meet my need in every way, it had failed me and I would walk away. Once I realized I had a responsibility to contribute and be a part of the solution, I could enter into fellowship without expecting perfection. There had to be people who needed what I had, even in church.

TWC presented itself with an environment where I could be in unity with other people who had the same frustrations and hopes that I did. So, permission to be all that we were called to be whether or not we have the support or the influence of our church leaders, is an important part of our becoming as free as God created us to be. I am so grateful that when I started to listen to Graham talk about “walking off your map” and “permission granted to do church differently” I was finally connected to someone who had my heart. It has changed my walk and has changed who I am. It has made me a better Christian and now when I attend the church in the four walls, I am a much more responsive and contributing member who doesn’t complain but rather sees the importance of being who I am. That in itself is changing how the leaders respond to me and it is making me an influential person rather than a complainer. That is huge for me. And probably for them!

–Doris Chapman


2 thoughts on “Brilliant Tribe Spotlight from The Warrior Class: Doris Chapman

  1. How does TWC create an atmosphere where you can belong to a group who are in the process of learning Graham materials.How much time a day would you be expected to give for this.How do you talk to others etc.I have nearly finished my application for the Warrior Class as I have all Grahams cds etc but it has been the Holy Spirit and me working alone .Wouldn’t the group be from all over the world and wouldn’t each individual be at a different level.


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