Pioneers of a New Mindset


Pioneers go first into a territory. They discover the best paths to follow and the ones to avoid. Their experience is not theoretical, but actual. Their journals, and the maps that they create, turn rabbit trails into wagon trails, that eventually become roads and highways for others to travel in acceleration and confidence.

Throughout the Mind of A Saint conference, Graham encouraged all listeners, present and future, to actively partner with God and the Mind of Christ. He concluded this Heaven on Earth time with this thought:

“I’m am so excited for you about this journey that you are on. Do you know what happens if you take this journey into the Mind of a Saint? You become pioneers!

You become pioneers in thinking brilliantly.

You become pioneers in being renewed in the spirit of your mind.

You become pioneers in the war on negativity.

You become warriors and game-changers.

You become champions of thinking like Jesus.

The impact that you are going to have on your circles of fellowship and relationships — on whomever you meet — is going to be exponential. The warfare against you will be big, but the power of Christ in you is going to be huge….

The Mind of a Saint makes us overcomers, more than conquerors because you go into every situation knowing that Christ in you win.

Pioneers into new Kingdom mindsets impact the world around them because they sound different, their words are filled with something tangibly strong, compassionate and kind. Where others see obstacles, they see opportunities to practice what they are discovering.

They look for God’s grace.

They see His mercy.

They perceive His delight.

They expect the power, majesty and sovereignty of God to be overwhelming.

They are looking to see their lives through His eyes.

Do you want to be a pioneer into the territory of Jesus and the Mind of A Saint? Do you long to be fluent in The Art of Thinking Brilliantly?

Like the Great Plains or the Rocky Mountains of old, there is a wide open territory that we have permission to explore. Listen again to the Mind of a Saint teachings. Download the free MP3 of “Latitude and Indulgence” on the Brilliant Book House website. It’s all about pioneering. What do you need to unlearn? What are you learning now? Go on your own exploration into the Mind of Christ for you.

And take notes of your travels. The world around you needs to encounter what you discover.

– Allison Bown


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