Brilliant Tribe Spotlight from The Warrior Class: Christine Casten


“Yahoo, I have a Problem!”

Change is hard to recognize until a challenge comes. When those times of adversity arise, Graham’s perspective on “Yahoo, I have a problem!” helps me take a step back and think again.

I now fully embrace the idea that a problem gives me an opportunity to choose. I can choose to react to the problem, typically with not-so-pretty emotions and attitudes. Or, I can choose to respond out of God’s heart and from His perspective.

Graham positively challenges me to shift my focus away from the issue at hand and step into a place of communication with the Lord. The Lord is brilliant in His ability to tap into every circumstance and turn it into a learning opportunity for my growth.  Until I heard Graham teach on problems, I never really thought about how many benefits problems, challenges or adversity bring into my life.  

Now, as “problems” come, I start seeking out the treasures God set aside for that moment. I begin to talk with Him about what He is building in me and what He is providing to my identity and for my relationship with Him.

This process does not deny the existence of a problem, but it does allow God to establish a stronger foothold in my life. The joy of the Christian life becomes more real because, no matter what comes, I have a set of questions provided through Graham, to help me connect with the One who has the strategy in hand.

Recently, my family experienced a time of transition for a job change. The process lasted about eight months. Through that time, I began the conversation with God about what He was providing for my growth. One of the things He revealed was the provision for faith to trust Him through that season. Even though I did not know how long it would last, relying on His timing was an important part of the journey.

Explaining this to people became a joyful experience. So many assumed the enemy was working hard to keep that job from appearing. But God confirmed, in multiple ways, the job would come in His timing. He was in control. In His perfect wisdom, He knew the amount of time I needed to learn and fully embrace the faith provision He set aside for me. No warfare existed around the job itself. The battleground was actually around my freedom to step into a place of worry and anxiety or to rest in the faith God provided.

I am thankful for the perspective God releases through Graham’s teachings. By applying what Graham gained through his journey with God, my mindset about adversity shifted. I am not overwhelmed by my circumstances. Instead, when challenges come, I can also shout, “Yahoo! I have a problem!”

– Christine Casten


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