Brilliant Tribe Spotlight: Megan Elizabeth

Earlier this year Megan mailed us some prophetic doodles she had drawn and we asked if we could use them along with her testimony on In Focus. We intend to make this blog a place where Graham’s fans and followers can connect with one another to build a brilliant community of Christians for Christ.

Here’s Megan’s story:

Up until last summer, I did not realize that Holy Spirit has a Voice. He began speaking to me when I least expected it, and told me that I AM creative.

I began writing down images, names, and numbers as He brought them to mind (especially hearts)… ALL to be connected, creating a beautiful blueprint to be colored in. We would sit together for hours and hours and Holy Spirit would lead me with which colors to use and then who specifically to give the doodles to.

It has been in spending time together that I have learned the nature of His Voice and the Power behind every piece of prophetic artwork created. As I have been learning daily from Him, the artwork has opened the door for me to not only HEAR the heart of God but to pass this overwhelming Love to those on His heart in that moment.

Holy Spirit always reminds me that every crazy piece of art we create is absolutely saturated with His presence, and I have the privilege of giving this gift to others. Holy Spirit is my Creative Genius and I believe He is releasing a new season of hungry believers who are ready to take risk in ALL creative venues to reveal the “relentlessly kind” nature of His Voice.

Prophetic Doodle

Blue Dolphin

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