The Difference Between Old and New: A Review of Conversations with God

Conversations with God
This month, Allison Bown’s CD series, Conversations with God, was re-released as a completely new, re-focused, re-energized teaching. While speaking with delegates at a recent Aglow event, Allison had a chance to speak with Stacey Dixon who had this to say about the differences between the older version and the new version of Conversations with God:

“While listening to the newer version of Conversations with God I was struck by the upgrade I was receiving. Truth was, I loved the older Conversations with God and how beautifully and passionately Allison Bown shared her personal journey and story of being relational with God. I enjoyed and laughed with her as she shared many personal encounters she had in developing persistence in prayer and cultivating a life of action and not reaction. Her interpretation of the wall of Jericho and Jesus having forged a deep friendship with Mary, Martha and Lazarus have in so many ways challenged me to look at scriptures more in a relational tone and a little less as spiritual history lesson. 

But with this version, the lesson changed and the upgrades began. While the newer Conversations with God still has some of those amazing personal encounters, it also has a unique and insightful focus on cultivating enduring faith. It is an upgraded, crafted development tool for us to walk out our own journey with Him and, I must say with added emphasis, it’s developing deep roots an intimate relationship with God allowing me to walk out the unique journey God has called me (and us) to be on. 

I so appreciated the added revelation as she dives into topics like culture and language and how that correlates to our understanding of the tones and tuning into the right frequency of Heaven. 

Another great upgrade is her inspiring journey of enduring faith allowing all of us to ask those questions of what is God really doing or wanting to be to me when I do not see Him answer prayers instantly. 

Allison sets up these wonderful tools of intercession that allow us to develop the nature and character of the Lord in our lives and circumstances that truly allows us complete freedom in not even focusing on the solution to the outcome. Freedom and joy as you realize the transformation is taking place internal and His focus is not always about the victory we think we must see in the natural. 

These new teachings are very transparent and a real, tangible invitation for us all to experience and process as we journey in knowing Him as never before.”

If you are interested in checking out Conversations with God, it is available here at Brilliant Book House for $15.

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