Special Offers at Brilliant Book House for May 2015!

Small Prophecy Series

How do we encourage the use of prophecy whilst developing the people who move in this valuable gift? What is the difference between false prophecy and poor prophecy? How do we handle people when they make mistakes in prophesying? What is the Prophet’s role in relationship to church leadership? These questions and many more issues like them are addressed in The Prophecy Series.

Prophecy provides us with foresight into the mind and heart of God. We see what He sees and our life opens up to new developments. Without insight however, many prophetic words are relegated to words in a file. It is possible to live with a sense of promise but have small means of fulfillment. God’s word changes us first and then works through us to provoke the faith required to take the necessary steps of alignment.

Enlightenment enables us to understand how the Lord loves to work in our lives so that we increase in grace and favor as we practice taking possession of the prophetic word.

Filled with exercises, case studies, assignments, meditations, a workshop and measurable indicators of maturity and responsibility; it is a thoroughly comprehensive training manual, journal and guide-book that aligns the prophetic gift and ministry with the wonderful nature of God.

For the entire month of May you can purchase the individual books for $10, or buy the whole series for $30.

Shop now at Brilliant Book House.

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