Wednesday Special Offer for May 6th, 2015

Get the 3-CD teaching, Pastoring People Prophetically for HALF PRICE today only at Brilliant Book House! Pastoring People Prophetically is the perfect resource to help you guide, council or simply encourage others towards the future God wants for them.

Pastoring People Prophetically

Check out this review by Richard at Brilliant Book House:

This message has transformed the way that I counsel and communicate with people. I was weary and worn out to the point of exhaustion in my conversations with people who were victim thinkers, blame shifters, and thoroughly negative. I was tired of sifting through the rubbish that people had stored up in their lives.

This message has empowered me to think again more closely at the New Covenant message of freedom. It has inspired me into a more anointed, radical and spiritual approach to life in Jesus. The results in the lives of people have been extraordinary. The change in me is profound!!

Purchase Pastoring People Prophetically for only $9 today!


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