Brilliant Tribe Spotlight from The Warrior Class: Janice Riley

Mother's Embrace

Graham teaches that we are the much-loved children of God. As I began the journey of TWC, I started listening to Becoming the Beloved over and over again, just letting the words soak into my mind, my heart, my spirit. I would play the CD while driving and notice that the burdens and stresses of life quickly dissipated as I focused on being the Beloved of Christ. Graham has such an anointing of peace that fills your car, your room as you listen to his teachings.

Learning who I was created to be, discovering how He sees me started with knowing I am loved by God. Not just the “Jesus loves me” feeling of “OK, yea, He likes me,” sense but in a way that surpassing all comprehension. The Father’s love is deeper than oceans, higher than clouds, it’s mind-boggling. Once I had a tiny handle on how much He loved me, I realized I needed that knowledge, that in-filling of His Love so that I could pour it out on those around me. Being filled with Love enabled me to shift atmospheres, to bring peace with me wherever I went, to just love on others. I began to see people as He sees them and see that, really, they just need to know how much they are loved by Papa. I went to India on a mission trip and just wanted to hug every person in our worship services because I felt His love for them. One of the team members told me I had a hugging ministry, that people were healed just from a hug. Since then, I have actually noticed baggage (as Graham calls it) being removed when I hug friends.

People just need a glimpse of His Love and their lenses will start to change. I realized He meant for me to show them His Love. I was filled with His Love so I could Love others. Sarcasm, cynicism, frustration with others started melting away and a state of kindness and gentleness emerged as I began walking in Love and sought Him in every situation. I am still working on completing that transformation; I have my moments still, but I have begun to see others changing because I changed and I help them to see how much they are Loved.

If you are interested in checking out Becoming the Beloved, you can check it out here.

Mother’s Embrace, classic” by “Quinn Dombrowski” licensed by CC 2.0 


One thought on “Brilliant Tribe Spotlight from The Warrior Class: Janice Riley

  1. Everyone that has been called by Him has a special gift to develop n their walk with Him. I enjoy soaking and brother Graham has a few out there. To me I can soak by just listening to the tones of the instrument being used. Often time classical music takes me to an higher level with Him. But whatever it takes do it. Your secret place, it doesn’t matter, just come to that higher place with Him. Be blessed my brothers and sisters, and learn to walk hand in hand with the Lord through the Holy Spirit.


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