New at Brilliant Book House!

Two of Graham’s most classic teachings, Identity & Inheritance and Why Wounded and Betrayed Believers Are So Useful to God, have been remastered and are being re-released this month!

Special Offers!

Why Wounded & Betrayed Believers Are So Useful to God tells the story of Graham’s brokenness and how the Father changed his life to one of peace and delight in the joy of the Lord. This teaching is highly recommended for anyone struggling with illness or doubt because it has a refined focus on the goodness and kindness of God!

Identity & Inheritance is Graham’s definitive teaching on discovering your identity in Christ. This series will show you to unearth your destiny by partnering with the Holy Spirit to create a new environment for you to pursue accelerated growth.

Both of these teachings are available for $10 all month.

Shop for Why Wounded and Identity & Inheritance here.

Allison Bown is the Director of The Warrior Class and the owner of Altitude Training, sponsor of IGNITE workshops. She and Graham remain chief collaborators in Kingdom exploration and future possibilities for Team Brilliant. Her first book, Joyful Intentionality has just been released at Brilliant Book House!

Joyful Intentionality

When “joyful” is separated from “intentionality”; when “purpose” precedes “passion”, spirituality quickly turns into a discipline to be done instead of what it was meant to be: a relationship to be savored with a Friend. Joyful Intentionality will help you overturn mindsets that keep you duty-bound, displacing them with:

The joy of the journey
The treasures of the unexpected
Exchanging comfort zones for the Comforter
Fine tuning your receiver
Making powerful choices
…. and more.

You can purchase her book for $15, here.


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