Wednesday Special Offer for June 10th 2015

Today only Radical Permission 1&2 and The Overcoming Life 1&2 MP3s are only $10 each!

All four of these incredible teachings premiered last year across the United States and only continue to grow in popularity! Today you can get each teaching on MP3 for only $10!

Radical Permission

Radical Permission 1 is an exploration into the grace, majesty and favor of God. Radical Permission 2 dig deeper and tell us how to abide in that grace, majesty and favor! Learn to partner with the Holy Spirit so you can live with an elevated consciousness of the Presence of God. Learn to view your circumstances from a place above, just as God views them.

The Overcoming Life

The Overcoming Life 1 focuses on spiritual warfare from a defensive angle, how to move into a territory and keep the enemy from invading, but The Overcoming Life 2 focuses on offensive spiritual warfare, giving insight into how to take more territory than you ever thought possible. Together, this complete series is a comprehensive look at spiritual warfare.

Collectively these four teachings will show you how to partner with the Father in such a way that He is consistently our greatest and most effective weapon against the enemy. Shop now.


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