Why I Wrote Joyful Intentionality by Allison Bown

Allison Bown is the Director of the Warrior Class and has just published her first book, Joyful Intentionality. She contributed a short article about why she wrote Joyful Intentionality and how the book came to be:

Joyful Intentionality

Most of us know a great deal about what we should do as a Christian. Like many of you, I had heard all of the scriptures and understood that I was supposed to be praying, studying and becoming more like Jesus. But the early models and experiences in my life left me working really, really hard to have a good relationship with God—but rarely feeling that I actually did.

In a continuing life of trying-harder-to-do-better-for-God, I consumed a lot of teaching, read loads of books and listened to CDs by the bucket load, yet always wondered at the slow pace of the transformation that was supposed to be occurring.

In 2002, I heard Graham Cooke for the first time on a cassette tape that a friend gave me…and life was never quite the same. There was something in this teaching about Who God was that captivated my heart —and still does. Graham’s books had questions that made me think and little by little, life with God became about a relationship, not rules or a study course to complete.

During the years where I didn’t know anyone else on this journey personally, I developed strategies to process my discoveries that were actually fun; relational ways of being with God, not more things to do for Him. Development became enjoyable because I discovered the delight of partnering with the Holy Spirit as my Friend, as well as my Helper and Teacher. When I did begin to meet fellow sojourners at conferences and meetings, we kept in touch and began to share our questions and ideas.

And all along the way, I kept notes of how life had transformed from discipline to delight; how the old mindsets of a performance addict were displaced by a process that really did begin to make me rich in God’s love, kindness and joy. Much of the early training developed for The Warrior Class came out of my experiences during those years, as well as the many ideas that Graham and I, along with TWC have continued to explore together.

Any revelation, truth or A-ha! moment can become transformational, but only if we know how to pursue the process of relationally beholding it until it becomes our life with God. Many of us have had the experience of hearing massive amounts of excellent teaching and wondering, “How do I even begin to assimilate all of that?”

Joyful Intentionality was written to not only give encouragement, instruction and inspiration in a “passion-filled life on purpose”—but to provide practical questions and activations that you can customize to take any truth and make it a lifestyle. It addresses some of the specific mindsets of Joyfully Intentional thinking that displace a duty-bound perspective. And there’s lots of real-life examples to encourage you and real-world experiences that you can explore and make your own.

In short, it’s my contribution to encourage and equip fellow travelers who desire an experience with God that is transformational, rich and lasting. And I hope you’ll join me on the journey. I’d love to hear what you discover.

Shop for Joyful Intentionality HERE.


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