Blue Moon Rising Prophetic Conference

The Blue Moon Rising Prophetic Conference in Franklin, Tennessee is only a few short days away! From June 24–27, Graham Cooke will be joined with Larry Randolph, David Wagner and Diane Fink, as they show you how to explore practical steps of the prophetic, and on discerning the voice of God. Encounter prophetic ministry from Spiritual fathers and mothers that are committed to navigate the dawn of a “supernatural renaissance.” Receive the tools necessary to prepare and posture yourself for a “spiritual awakening” that is coming upon the Earth.

Many in the body of Christ are longing for new beginnings in the Holy Spirit. The good news is there’s something refreshingly different stirring in God’s Kingdom! Is your heart hungry to receive the outpouring that God has promised our generation?

This will be an amazing opportunity to gain insights on how to make prophesying part of or normal daily life.

Registration costs $55 for all four days and includes nine sessions, or if you aren’t in the Tennessee area, you can pay $30 to live-stream the whole event! Learn more here.

Blue Moon


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