The Art Of Making A Prophetic Impact.


Making A Prophetic Impact is now available at the Brilliant Book House site, so if you were unable to attend the BRILLIANT event in May then you can finally get hold of the awesome messages it contained. If you think the cover art is interesting and distinctive, that’s because it’s the first time we’ve ever had our delegates contribute to an conference’s artwork. How did we do that? Come on in and see! Making A Prophetic Impact took place in Portland, OR in the last week of May. Portland is well known for promoting and producing unique art, so we wanted to create something that not only reflected the city we were in but the people who were attending the event. The whole idea of making a prophetic impact in real times is that, due to your relationship with the Lord and your focus on the fruit of the Spirit, every circumstance you are involved with is left with a BRILLIANT mark, showcasing the positive and productive force that you possess. It’s about leaving a mark; a stamp of quality that proves your willingness to make every situation a good one. With that in mind, we had an idea.


We bought a canvas, carefully cut around the title, and invited everyone to use an ink pad and leave a thumbprint. With over 600 people in attendance, we made sure there was plenty of room for everyone to be included, and it was excellent to see so many people join in and take part! We made sure there were over a dozen colors to choose from, and then just stood back to allow our friends, fans and followers revisit their 4-year-old selves to indulge in a little finger painting! Once everyone had a chance to left their mark on the event canvas, we peeled all of the tape off and were left with a work of art so amazing that we hung it up in the Brilliant Book House offices.


After digitizing the image, we were able to include it on every CD and DVD set containing the Making A Prophetic Impact messages. So whether you attended or not, when you receive this teaching series in the mail, you’ll be looking at a little memento of all the people who came together, committed to one game-changing purpose: to be so focused on the goodness and brilliance of God that you can’t help but make wonderful things happen. Brilliant!

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