Connecting True Identity with Joyful Dependency

Joyful Dependency

Pursuing our true Kingdom Identity (how God really sees us and created us to be) is not just another Bible study or item on our spiritual “to do” list. It is a powerful, wonderful weapon that gallops to your aid on the day that the world (or your old self) wants to tell all that you are not. I love that I can pull out my “I Am” statement, written from my promises and Inheritance Scriptures, and stand before God with a smile and say, “This is who You made me to be…thank you,” no matter what is swirling about.

Four times in the past eight weeks, I’ve found myself in vulnerable places of transition, those places where the new landscape is opening up and you’re not sure if you have what it takes to thrive there (in fact, the earth-bound “realities” in front of you strongly say you can’t). And EVERY single time, a long distance friend with whom I’ve previously shared my Identity Statement with has either written or spoken one of my true identities in Christ back to me, having no idea what was occurring.

This is the hallmark of true communion in relationship. Not just gathering together for a chat or a meeting (though those can be great), but also listening to the Father, seeing each other the way He does and knowing that we remember for our friends who God made them to really be when circumstances paint a different picture.

Joyful Dependency is how we are meant to live with God and with our friends. It is not a dependency that hangs the responsibility for our spiritual maturity on others—but it also knows that the weight of breakthrough is not all on our shoulders. God is a master at not letting us do it all—and being in a place where friends stand up and say “This is who you are” is priceless… and powerful in living lightly yoked in to the One who knows the Truth about who He created you to really be.

So if you’re ever prone to tell, or even think about, all someone is not, just use Graham Cooke’s two-word counseling ministry: “Stop it!” Be still, start meditating on what you’re thankful about in that person, until you can see their true identity as God sees them, whether it is manifesting at the moment or not. In addition to asking who God wants to be for them now, also ask Him who He desires for YOU to be for them now…and just “Start it!” Start encouraging and fighting for them with their Kingdom Identity. In the process, you’ll find that your own perspective of how Heaven sees you is both elevated and expanded.
I believe that makes this a win-win…which is just like the true nature of the God of Abundance, isn’t it?

–Allison Bown


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