Brilliant Tribe Spotlight: From Grace Growers to God’s Project

Warrior Class member, Doris Chapman, wrote this article to help in determining the difference between the people who are Grace Growers in your life and the people who are God’s Project.

Grace Growers

All of us have Grace Growers in our lives, and they are strategically placed there by our loving Father as object lessons on grace and love. We in TWC call them GG.

I absolutely love the concept. Often we think that we should just avoid such people in the workplace or in the family, only to discover we meet them again in some other form, only worse than before! Yikes, what do we do to deserve this! Right? And so the circle continues until we step into an upgraded attitude of love and grace. Interestingly, that particular breed stops coming around, only to be replaced by another. We need Grace Growers.

Then there are the ones that seemingly are beyond GG. The ones you have attempted endless prayers of grace and love, and have tried reconciliation, and pursued with love relentlessly. And the answer always comes back “No,” the wall goes up and we are again left with the pain of rejection and hurt.

I have discovered that this is another upgrade. I call these my God’s Project people. Whether they be family, friends, co-workers, there are just some people who will not engage, or cannot engage, and only find excuses no matter what treasures you throw their way. Your desire to be life giving to them is constantly met with “hands off,” anger and sometimes abuse.

There comes a time when those people, gracefully, need to be released as God’s Project, and let go. Sometimes we have to recognize our own limitations, and God’s infinite possibilities. Is perhaps Grace also a place of letting go?

Letting go takes tremendous grace. I know. I have members of my family and friends which it has been my joy to just let go of. They want nothing from me, and I have poured into them enough. There is a time where enough is enough, and the relationship becomes life sapping.

We are called to be wise in our calling. We are called to be gracious, while at the same time trusting God for the results. There is a place where letting go is the most loving and graceful thing you can do. Does that mean you stop praying? No. Does that mean you don’t love them? No. Jesus loved Judas, but he let him go to do what he had to do, even after three years of pouring into him. It means you step into a place of trust you have never been in before. There are people only God can fix, and He definitely loves them more than you think you do.

When it is your own children that become GP, it is a painfully glorious process to trusting God. Letting go and submitting them as God’s Project only means we stop feeling we have their answer, and we release them to our loving Father. Amazing things happen when we take our hands off something, and let God have it. First it frees us to pour our treasure into willing vessels, where God can truly be glorified. And second, it takes stress and frustration out of the picture, sweetly releasing us from responsibility that was truly not ours to begin with. It is the proverbial shaking the dust off your feet. We are not to carry it with us.

I bless you with sweet release of those people that you may be ready to move from Grace Grower into the God’s Project category. They may come back to you at some point, so be ready to step back into a place of grace when that happens. But until then, God’s peace.


One thought on “Brilliant Tribe Spotlight: From Grace Growers to God’s Project

  1. Boy, was that timely. My daughter is dating a man who told me that he has no moral absolutes, no right or wrong, whatever feels good, do it. Please pray for this situation. My daughter and three grandchildren have been living with me for 6 years but I may have to tell her to find another place to live and let God deal with her. He has been spending the night in my home and I have talked with both my daughter and him. I like this man but am very concerned because of what he told me last night. He says that he is a Christian. My daughter told me that she is going to continue dating him whether I like it or not. Do I need to let her go and let God? I am a widow, 64, and will be fine financially since I have supported my daughter and her children for the last several years. I would miss her however, with what is going on in my home I feel that I have to put a stop to it. I cannot rescue my daughter every time she makes a bad choice. I cannot do it again. Please pray for me and thus situation. Thank you and God bless.


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