Brilliant Tribe Spotlight: The Instead Community

Christine Casten, Director of Intercession with The Warrior Class recently wrote a four-part blog series that highlights the importance and value of “instead of” thinking. “The Instead Community” is part 3.

Power of Instead

God created us for community. He purposefully designed us to work together, meshing our strengths into a unified focus and purpose. Fanning flames of passionate intentionality for more of the Lord is encouraged through the God stories of others. Personal growth comes as we exhort, encourage and edify each other to fullness in Christ.

Graham says it best when he says, “We are calling people up into their identity. We’re creating an environment and a culture that calls people up. It doesn’t call people out on their behavior because that’s not accountability. Accountability is calling people up into their identity. ‘Man, you don’t need to do that. This is who you are!’ In our conversations and our dialogues, that’s what we’re doing for each other. We’re teaching people how to overcome.”

These are the people I want as running mates. These are the people with whom I want to walk along side and share my journey. I want to be in a community that challenges me to reach beyond the status quo of ho-hum Christianity and embrace a passion-filled Christian life.

I am not alone. Others have this desire. They want to live to their fullest potential to become all God calls them to be. They do not want a luke-warm existence and believe a community drawn together through passion for Christ is not some far off dream. They want to take the vision released through Graham to a reality. They want to implement the INSTEADs of how God is working and what He is doing in every situation rather than magnifying negatives.

The Warrior Class is this INSTEAD community.

Living to my fullest potential requires encouragement and accountability. The accountability I have found in The Warrior Class reminds me to look at the INSTEADS of God rather than the negatives around me or in me. The Warriors encourage me to see my true identity in how God made me. They look past rough edges and see the jewel inside, speaking to the part of me that is ready to shine with the radiant light of Christ.

  • I am at home. I am at home in a culture that offers me a hand up, walks beside me, and has my back so I can overcome any circumstance.
  • I am embraced. I am embraced by a company of warriors who fathom the majesty and sovereignty of God and truly believe all things are possible in Him.
  • I belong. I belong to a group who look for God’s best in me and celebrate each part of my process of growth.
  • I am encircled. I am encircled by a body of heroes who will fight to become Warriors, Champions and Game Changers and who will encourage me to do the same.
  • I am a part. I am a part of The Warrior Class and have experienced more growth and acceleration in who I am in Christ than at any other time in my life.

This INSTEAD Community encourages me to live out my God given identity. I am grateful. The Warrior Class is a passion-filled band of brothers/sisters joined together to pursue Christ.

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One thought on “Brilliant Tribe Spotlight: The Instead Community

  1. We’ve had a thirty year old prophecy activated.. Just after the Ruach–Holy Spirit, was poured out onto our disciples… Wow! Very exciting, however, we still have a strong religiosity here in this community.

    Everyone tells us that we are wrong… They don’t get the HEALINGS and visions, or the love without strings. I wanted to say that Gram has been a confirmation, a blessing, and he’s really fun! Keep us in your prayers as we are fighting in the courts and in the community for one soul at a time.

    My wife & I are missionaries in LASSEN County from Huntington Beach California. We hand out donations and preach God’s love to anyone who is in need. Keep us lifted up… Thanks.


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