Special Offers at Brilliant Book House for August 2015!

Graham Cooke’s approach to spiritual warfare will take you into new realms of upgrade and possibility in the Kingdom. In any of The Way of the Warrior teachings, either book or CD, you will discover something new about God’s grace, kindness, and His unending presence in your life.
By learning how to abide in the Father you can confuse the enemy, confound him with your restfulness and stun him with your peace. The enemy is discouraged by faith and demoralized by joy.

We are learning to work with God who schedules our conflicts so that we can practice the art of overcoming. Warriors know how to maintain focus and always have the tools to always call up the majesty and supremacy of God. With the teachings from The Warrior Series you will always be fresh for the fight!

Warrior Series
The Way of the Warrior Book Series includes three books that will each guide you into a new upgrade with the Lord. By using carefully crafted assignments and commissions, you are sure to come away a strong, fearless spiritual warrior who is confident in your place in the Kingdom!
The Way of the Warrior
In The Way of the Warrior CD Series Graham expands on the subjects covered in The Way of the Warrior book series, looking more in depth at some of the themes and delivering practical advice and encouragement for becoming a truly BRILLIANT spiritual warrior!
Rise Up a Warrior
Rise Up a Warrior is a single-disc soaking CD pulled from The Way of the Warrior. This recording creates an internal environment that will push you further into your DNA as a son in the Kingdom. Bask in the love of the Father as you practice the quietness of living in harmony with His delight in you.


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