“A Warrior Is…” Declarations from The Way of the Warrior LIVE CD series


The “Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior” can be found throughout all of Graham’s work on the topic, not just in the first book of The Way of the Warrior series. Consider this powerful collection of statements from the live conference recording of The Way of the Warrior: they call up the Warrior nature of God inside of all of us. This list inspires us…not to go after the enemy first, but to passionately pursue growing in the Champion nature of God. And from that place, invade any darkness with Light.

That’s how spiritual warfare is meant to be waged in a New Testament world. Beginning in worship, we first focus personally on being filled with the glory of Jesus and the new creation that we are in Christ. From that elevated perspective, we release life and Light every place we go or pray into—and most of the time, the enemy simply evacuates because thanksgiving, worship and rejoicing is an atmosphere he hates. And if he decides to press the matter, then we’ve prepared the ground for invasion by influencing the atmosphere with the goodness of God that overcomes evil and we get to go to new levels as warriors.

Is there more to it than that? You bet there is. I’ve been reading The Warrior Series and listening to both the live and studio version of this teaching for years; and every, single time, I hear something new.

Some people will read this list and be encouraged. Others may read it and be tempted to look at the gap between the Warrior it describes and their current life. If you feel there’s a distance to be covered between who you are now and who you desire to be in Christ, then be excited! You’ve just found your next level of development.

Ask the Holy Spirit which one He would like to become with you. Just pick one—don’t tackle the whole list. That would be ridiculously overwhelming. Any gaps you see have been there for a while already, so letting them alone for a bit won’t be any different than how things are now. In the mean time, you’re partnering with God to behold Him in one area and become more like Him in that, which is initiating a process of maturity in you! Then, you can ask Him which one is next? And the one after that? The experience, encouragement and freedom you encounter will begin to build momentum for your next breakthrough as you go. And following through and establishing each one will give you a strong foundation of a brilliant life in God to build from.

So where’s your next, best adventure in here? Once you discover it, explore the scriptures and Graham’s brilliant Warrior books and CDs, focusing on just that area. And while you’re at it, check out The Warrior Class too. Training warriors is what we joyfully do every single day.

What IS a Spiritual Warrior in a New Testament world? We’ve found around 330 statements in The Way of the Warrior LIVE CD series that describe them, and there’s probably still more. Here are a few to give you a taste:

  • Warriors are confident.
  • Warriors have an intimate relationship with God.
  • Warriors don’t whine.
  • Warriors know God’s language of intimidation towards the enemy is worship.
  • Warriors are not looking for rescue, they look for majesty instead.
  • Warriors are fascinated by God’s majesty, sovereignty, and beauty.
  • Warriors see everything through majesty.
  • Warriors live from a state of untroubled calm and rest.
  • Warriors are totally reliant on the Lord and dependent on the Holy Spirit.
  • Warriors are interdependent on others around them.
  • Warriors are people of joy.
  • Warriors pray with all the favor of a bride.
  • Warriors stay focused on their God-given assignment.
  • Warriors know the enemy is afraid of rejoicing hearts.
  • Warriors know how to receive from God under extreme pressure.
  • Warriors ask God for things with a smile on their face.
  • Warriors choose when they will fight instead of just reacting to the enemy’s taunts.
  • Warriors displace the negatives around them.
  • Warriors are innocent.
  • Warriors are good and kindhearted.
  • Warriors know how to live as much-loved children of God.
  • Warriors overcome evil with good.
  • Warriors don’t look for sympathy, they look to be empowered.
  • Warriors look for the side of God that they know really only exists on the battlefield.
  • Warriors know that patience is a weapon of mass demoralization to the enemy.
  • Warriors know how to be comforted by the Holy Spirit.
  • Warriors know how to live in the goodness of God and how to pass it on.
  • Warriors are patient and know how to wait on the Lord.
  • Warriors love the learning and enjoy the process.
  • Warriors focus on the journey, not the destination.
  • Warriors are really careful about what they say about themselves.
  • Warriors know what their piece is to contribute in someone’s life.
  • Warriors know how to draw back from stress into a place of peace and rest.
  • Warriors have rich encounters with God on the battlefields of life.
  • Warriors have left mediocrity behind.
  • Warriors do not live in their circumstances, they live in God.
  • God trusts warriors.

–Allison Bown

  • To learn more about The Warrior Class, visit TWClass.org


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