Brilliant Tribe Spotlight: Fearless Instead of Fearful

Christine Casten, Director of Intercession with The Warrior Class recently wrote a four-part blog series that highlights the importance and value of “instead of” thinking. “Fearless Instead of Fearful” is part 4.

Power of Instead

I am fearless. I am becoming like David’s mighty men, winning against all odds. I am going after all God has for me.

Fear tries to assert itself. In the past, it succeeded. Fear of others, fear of failure, fear of backlash kept me from what God has to offer. I hid who I was so others would accept me or so I could perform to some invisible bar of achievement. But, I refuse to live a half-life just because fear wants to hold me captive.

I am not afraid! Somewhere along the way, I made a shift. I realize the key to being fearless INSTEAD of being fearful. I know the secret!

“The only antidote for fear is perfect love [1 John 4:18]: A love from the Lord that has matured into a place of complete confidence in Him. Mature love has a settled nature to it that cannot be overcome. This is the root of fearlessness.” –Graham Cooke, Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior

The perfect love of God! It breaks through and shatters any chains fear tries to wrap around my life. I welcome it. I revel in the amazing, incredible, unequalled, unconditional, indescribable love of God.

The perfect love of God continues to intertwine itself in my life. The more I receive, the more fearless I become. The more fearless I become, the more I grow. The more I grow, the more I learn to listen and be directed by the unimaginable bigness of God’s heart.

The result: I mature in Christ. That maturing process results in confidence. I have confidence in Him, who He is and my ability to trust Him in all circumstances increases to amazing proportions.


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