Finding Joy in the Process: Preparing for Developing Your Destiny

Developing Your Destiny

Bob Book is a singer, songwriter, worshiping artist and Team Brilliant member. He will be leading worship before each session at Developing Your Destiny this year and contributed this article about what he loves about Team Brilliant Events and how he’s getting ready for the event as it draws nearer:

Its August and a couple of noteworthy things are going on here in Santa Barbara, as I write. Outside, the Old Spanish Days Fiesta is getting underway. Inside, preparation is in full swing for the Team Brilliant event, Developing Your Destiny in the Here and Now, October 15-17, in Anaheim, California.

This means I’m putting finishing touches on a brand new CD project scheduled to debut at the event. I’m making plans to get the band together and choosing songs for this event—some old songs, some new songs, some borrowed songs and the occasional bluesy song….

I’m having fun!

I’m excited!

I love Team Brilliant events!

I love them because we design Team Brilliant events to uniquely reflect Graham’s commitment to create atmospheres and experiences that capture the “…on earth as it is in heaven” dynamic of Jesus’ prayer.

I love the fresh insight and perspective Graham invariably provides about who God is, who we are becoming and the journey we are on together.

I love spending time with my bandmates and making music together—partnering with Holy Spirit to access the atmosphere of heaven, here on earth.

But maybe most of all, I love the sense of “tribal gathering” that pervades these times. We come from all over, bringing our passion for God’s presence, our love of His family, our delight in His kingdom—and, though we spend most of our time dispersed to many different places, we experience an incredible bond of community as we gather. This will be the third year we’ve gathered in Anaheim, at about this time, and this sense of connection just seems to keep increasing.

I’m reminded of the various annual festivals that God established for the nation of Israel. Some of these were times when people from across the nation would gather together. They were times of celebrating their relationship with Him, of commemorating all He had done for them, of affirming and renewing their ties to one another, and declaring God’s promises for their future.

So, much as God’s people have always done, we gather in Anaheim this October with a destiny in view! Will you be there?

Check out this video of Bob singing “Heaven on Earth” at the 2013 Anaheim conference, Mind of a Saint:

Register to attend Developing Your Destiny today!


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