Brilliant Tribe Spotlight from The Warrior Class: Kern Pegg

Brilliant Spotlight

Your old self is dead. Dead, dead, dead. You have been made completely new, every bit of you is a new creation. 

I remember hearing Graham speak on this back in early 2014 at Radical Permission Part 1 in Bellevue, Washington, and loved the simplicity and truth that was contained in it. If my old self is dead, and I’m completely new, then I get to behave, act and respond differently in circumstances than I have in my past! Permission granted to change, and show up differently, because I AM DIFFERENT!

Throughout the rest of the year I found myself stepping into challenging circumstances with an upgraded sense of permission and authority to show up living my identity. During this significant year of change—both at work, and with family—it was incredible to see God’s favor at work in my life elevated every time I took a risk.  It was hilarious fun, and beautiful every time some “challenge” came up.

I can hear you thinking, “But…” and you’d be right. Back nearly five years ago, Papa revealed a very vivid vision to me, where Jesus rebuilt my heart from the broken pieces that came out of my divorce. At that time, as I saw Jesus pick up the “old” pieces and create His new heart for me, I had missed an important truth—Jesus didn’t rebuild my heart with the “old” broken pieces.

This past summer, Papa brought me back to that vision from 2010 (as He has done regularly in the last 5 years), and I watched as He played through it for me again.  This time I noticed what I had missed previously.  The instant Jesus picked up the pieces of my broken heart, the pieces TRANSFORMED—from shards of glass, into gemstones like diamonds.  The old pieces ceased to exist! The new heart Jesus made for me was a completely new creation made with something completely new, just like the rest of me—but I had missed that “Aha!” truth. When God says we’ve become a new creation, He means EVERY PART OF US.

About that same time, I was re-listening to one of Graham’s CDs while on a road trip, and once again Graham talked through the truth that “our old self is dead, we have been made new.” Again Papa reinforced His truth on my heart, that every part of me —inside and out: mental, physical, spiritual—has been made completely new.  Since all of me is new, then all of those aspects of me are permission granted opportunities to show up differently than I have in my past. I get to talk & worship differently—I have a new voice. I get to think differently—I have a new brain. I get to love differently—seeking nothing in return—because my heart is different, completely remade by Jesus, occupied by Jesus. All of the new me, beautifully placed in Jesus by Papa, where He is my strength, peace, patience, courage and stamina for any and every “opportunity” He brings me into. Wahoo!

Kern Pegg is a member of The Warrior Class, a focused, joyful group of intercessors who are constantly looking to explore new areas of the Kingdom. To learn more about The Warrior Class please visit

2 thoughts on “Brilliant Tribe Spotlight from The Warrior Class: Kern Pegg

  1. I am being so blessed by these articles. I am looking forward to becoming part of the Warrior Class the end of Sept, that will be my 8 weeks, since I inquired. Thanks to everyone who is writing these. Since 1975, I have known death to self life, and have been growing in the Lord ever since, but I am so grateful I have found people of like heart. Blessings,


  2. Thank you for sharing. I too have been through a divorce and my heart was shattered. Without God I could not make it from day to day.


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