The San Diego Sessions Premieres!

The San Diego Sessions

Join Graham September 4–5 in San Diego, California for an intimate teaching series about living a lifestyle rooted in prophecy.

The San Diego Sessions: Guidelines for Handling Prophetic Output will focus on learning the practice of revelation and the lifestyle required to operate with the Spirit of Disclosure (John 16) because it is vital. Understanding the principles of interpretation is key to delivering a prophetic word that carries with it the process of elevation and upgrade.

Revelation is not grounded in logic or reason. It is truth from another realm that must be interpreted in this one. It carries with it a wisdom that is so profound it elevates us into a dynamic relationship with the Lord. It is a way of seeing that empowers us to develop a new lens so that we are governed by God’s perspective and not our own. 

To register for The San Diego Sessions, click here.


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