Brilliant Tribe Spotlight from The Warrior Class: What a Difference Eleven Days Can Make

The Warrior Class is Graham Cooke’s official intercessory prayer team and a developmental training community. Together The Warrior Class is a focused, joyful group of intercessors who are constantly looking to explore new areas of the Kingdom. This article was contributed by new Warrior Class member Anysia Derora

Warrior Class

My life has already been transformed in ways that are amazing to me in the 11 days since I’ve joined The Warrior Class and I thought I’d share one experience.

I’ve been reading past Training Journals as I prepare to begin the New Member process because I wanted to explore the journey of The Warrior Class up to this point. As I was reading one of the issues last night I saw this image of a vast piece of ground with X’s everywhere. Some had little flags beside them, many did not. I knew immediately that the X’s were the promises that God had placed in my life over the years and I asked Him about the flags.

He showed me that the flags indicated the promises that I had staked my claim on, acknowledge were there but never excavated. In a few places there was some digging, but it was shallow and He showed me that those were places that I had actually begun to excavate and had walked away from when I came upon something that didn’t align with my beliefs at that time or that I thought I would be condemned for even exploring.

Earlier this year I would have likely berated myself for leaving all of these promises untouched as I walked away believing it was too late or too big; or I would have madly tried to dig them all up as quickly as possible to be “done.” But those things didn’t even cross my mind!

INSTEAD I was excited. I looked around at this amazingly large space and saw the love of God, not my failure to mine it; and my heart was overwhelmed with awe, worship and delight. I was thrilled beyond words as I looked at it all and took in what it meant. I took detailed notes of what I saw (which I learned from a TWC Training Journal) knowing there were clues even in the image that I would need to mine. Then I asked the Holy Spirit “where do we start?” I spent several hours digging in the place He pointed, which was not the place I expected, and I enjoyed the process of discovery and the idea that I get to explore it with God.

I saw in this that:

  1. I am asking better questions.
  2. I am looking at detail and not just satisfied with a glance of an image and my initial thoughts about it.
  3. I am excited about the journey and not compelled just to “finish.” There is a rest in this that is incredible.
  4. I am learning to soak in revelation that the Lord gives me and allow it to transform me; not being satisfied just to have revelation and do nothing with it.

I think what has blessed me most is seeing the incredible diversity of gifts and journeys with the constant of growing in our relationship with God together. I keep thinking, “This is what the Kingdom is supposed to be like: each of us adding our own unique supply in our own way and learning to develop and grow in our individual giftings.”

It might sound funny, but it feels like I’ve come to a deep pool of refreshing and am drinking water for the first time after a long, dry journey. Rediscovering what it is to be encouraged to explore, delight, and share! When God told me at the Making a Prophetic Impact conference that I was beginning an exhilarating journey that would change the landscape of my life, I had no idea just how much He meant it.

–Anysia Derora
Warrior Class Member

To learn more about The Warrior Class, visit to receive a FREE Training Journal (the kind that Anysia mentioned) and how to get started in the TWC process.


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