Approaching Warfare in an All New Way: The Way of the Warrior Series

The Way of the Warrior

All month The Way of the Warrior Series has been discounted at Brilliant Book House and today is the last day to purchase The Way of the Warrior Journal Series, The Way of the Warrior CD Series or Rise Up a Warrior at their current low prices! Check out this excerpt from Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior to get a taste of the incredible teaching contained in The Way of the Warrior Series:

We are created to destroy the works of the devil by learning to live in Christ (1 John 3:8). The enemy has come to destroy us by stealing our inheritance and killing our relationships, especially with God (John 10:10). Who is destroying who in your life? If abundance is lacking we must ask, what is being destroyed?

The point of all our development is to produce sons who can glorify God and establish the kingdom (Hebrews 2:10). Our personal development is vital. There are certain provisions and inheritances that can only come to us on a particular level. There is a level of faithfulness in the spirit where we are entrusted with key revelation and anointing (2 Timothy 2:2). We are learning to trust the Lord in life and acquiring the capacity to be trusted by Him.

Warriors are breakthrough people. They interrupt the continuity of current events. They disrupt the enemy, and make sure there is a disconnect between him and the local body. They disturb the religious, and mess with traditions that keep people away from encountering the Lord.

Warriors break the power of the enemy in a situation; they render his power inoperative. They create openings for people to upgrade their experience of the Lord Jesus. They crush controlling spirits (whether human or demonic) and set people free to make decisions for themselves. Warriors force entry into a new dimension of the spirit.

The present day church must advance. We must excel in Christ and exceed the early church in signs, wonders, and the presence of God. People must discover who God really is for them. They must exult in His power over the enemy.

Warriors love beating the enemy! We need men and women of testimony. People who are proving God joyfully and talking about it. Thankfully there is so much improvement we need to make in order to progress to the place of real power and breakthrough. We are never going to be short of real opportunities both personally and corporately to destroy the works of the enemy and discover the upgrade that the Father has set aside for us.

We are in a season where we need to reinvent ourselves in the spirit. Call a halt to mediocrity, cast off the role of inferiority, and rise up to occupy the place of promise that is rightfully ours in Christ.

–An Excerpt from Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior

Today is the last day to purchase any of The Warrior Series at its discounted price! The excerpt above is just a fraction of the teaching covered in this series! These teachings will radically change the way you approach warfare and refresh your thinking of life in the Kingdom!

Warrior SeriesThe Way of the Warrior

Shop The Way of the Warrior now.


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