Upgrade Your Spiritual Maturity at Developing Your Destiny

Developing Your Destiny is a little over a month away and we are getting excited! Brilliant Events create an incredible and restorative atmosphere that always has a lasting impact on day-to-day life afterward. Faith Donaldson is a Warrior Class member who regularly attends our Brilliant Events, from Anaheim in years past to Dallas and Bellevue! She can truly attest to the encouraging and life-changing nature of the Team Brilliant events and was excited to share her experience of them!

Developing Your Destiny

EXHILARATING JOY are the first words that come to mind when I reflect on my Brilliant Event experiences.  At each event I have felt excitement and anticipation build from the time I checked in at the registration desk to walking through the door to find my seat. This feeling was in the atmosphere and it carried throughout the entire event.

I experienced the lavish love of God with the kind reception I received from the staff, seeing the stage beautifully decorated, Bob Book and the band leading me into a wellspring of intimate worship, and being surrounded by men and women desirous to go higher in their relationship with the Father. I could clearly see that every effort was made to make me feel welcomed, valued and like this had all been done just for me; just like God would do for me.

Last year in Anaheim for the Radical Permission 2 conference, when Graham opened with his first sentence on Thursday evening I knew I was taking off on a journey that would guide me to a higher level in my spiritual growth. I was right. There is so much that Graham offered in his teaching that all I could do was to soak in his message. I later purchased the CDs and listened to them many times over to glean the depth of God’s message to me through Graham’s words.

The best part of attending a Brilliant Event was discovering that tit was not just another conference; this truly was an upgrade in my spiritual development. When I came home the impact did not fade but rather grew within me. Each Brilliant Event has opened up to me the many possibilities of discovery about who God is for me, understanding a joyous way to live my life, and learning how to live from God’s perspective…not mine.

Will I be attending DEVELOPING YOUR DESTINY this October 15-17 in Anaheim, California? Are you kidding? I wouldn’t miss it!

Faith Donaldson – Golden, Colorado

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