Brilliant Tribe Spotlight from The Warrior Class: Crossroads of Decision

Christine Casten is a member of The Warrior Class and has shared her story of learning to rest and trust in the Father when it comes to make decisions. To learn more about The Warrior Class, please visit

Crossroads of Decision
We all reach it. We come to the place of decision. Which way? What direction do I choose to go? At that moment, I realize I am at a crossroads of decision. It is a stopping point where a choice is made. But, which way is best?

At times, the decision seems easy. It’s a no brainer requiring little thought and even less risk. But other times, it is as if a cloud covers the way. All I can do is stop and look at that crossroads sign wondering which way is best.

Then it hits. The unknown creates an opportunity for a door to open. It brings the option for me to step out of a place of peace and rest and into a place of anxiety, worry and stress. Will I allow myself to step through the open door to negativity or firmly shut it?

One thing walking with God has taught me is that anxiety, worry and stress are tools the enemy uses to drag my focus away from the Lord. If I embrace those fears, I step out of my communication line with the Lord. I realign with the negative and the unknown becomes a stumbling block rather than a place of trust and faith.

I found a promise in Jeremiah 6:16a for just this moment.

This is what the Lord says:
‘Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.”

It is a promise from the Lord. He will tell me, if I ask, and He will show me the way to go. As Graham states: “God does not always answer immediately, but He always answers eventually.” When I spend time asking God what decision is best, I may have to wait a bit for Him to respond. But, through waiting, comes the chance to build faith.

This is the place where rest becomes a weapon. I take time to remind myself of all He is doing and all He has done. I begin to review the many times He directs my path, reorders my day and reprioritizes my time. As I take time to remember those things, I embrace His rest. My faith grows and strengthens. My thoughts on His goodness move from an intellectual understanding to a heart “knowing.” I realize He will light my path and direct my way.  My resting in Him produces a weapon of faith, hope, trust and love for all He is and all He is providing through this crossroads moment. (See Graham’s talk on The Practice of Rest).

It is not up to me to take matters into my own hands. Anxiety, stress and worry are all signs that I am trying to “make” something happen. They are signs that I stepped out of the place of communication with God and am trying to determine my own way. The decision to make it my own is actually what allows that door to open, so those fears can come into my life. By choosing, sometimes by a true act of will, to give it back to God and ask for His direction, I take those thoughts captive and close the door.

God is never late, He always acts in the best timing for me and for my situation. He continues to reveal Himself and those crossroads moments allow me the amazing chance to spend time talking with Him some more. For me, I recognize my Christian walk is not so much about always making a quick decision and walking down the road as fast as I can. Instead, it is about connecting with the One who directs my path and brings rest to my soul.

–Christine Casten


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