There Is No Freedom Outside of Rest

Sitting on the Edge

Without rest we are bound. We are prone to worry, anxiety, and fear. Our anger, bitterness and resentment will get the better of us.

Rest allows us space to be. Inner space is freedom to perceive a thing as God sees it. Rest is a prelude to focus. Focus is the forerunner of faith.

When we have no personal discipline of rest and peace, we are seriously behind in terms of our development. Rest allows us to see into the spirit. It creates an expectancy in our hearts and empowers our intimacy.

We must labor to enter into rest (Hebrews 4:11)—we work at resting! We push away anything that would cause worry, anxiety, fear. We do not speculate negatively but we believe the best of the Father. Rest requires a foundation of rejoicing and giving of thanks.

You are at rest now in Jesus. Abide in Him. Stay at rest. We do not work hard to acquire rest. It is freely given. We work hard to remain in it.

Questions to Take Your Thinking Farther:

What does your rest and peace look like? When was the last time you upgraded it? How strong is the partnership between rest and rejoicing in your life?

–An Excerpt from Secret Sayings, Hidden Meanings 

Sitting on the Edge” by Vijay Gunda is licensed by CC 2.0


5 thoughts on “There Is No Freedom Outside of Rest

  1. Thank you – learning to camp under the tree of life has allowed me to develop a trust in Him that manifests as excitement as He leads me to green pastures near still waters – which is my day to day life which used to be just hustle and bustle – God Bless


  2. I had to re-read the second paragraph like 3 times! So good! I almost busted out laughing and melted into my chair at work that one hit me so hard lol!


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  4. wow, this made me take a long hard look at myself and where i’m at with the whole “rest” thingy!!
    thanks for this post, it gives me lots to look into, and a lot to re-evaluate within myself!!
    i see lots of “adjusting” coming into my future! 😉


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