Brilliant Tribe Spotlight: Lori Rask

Higher Level

In June 2012 my friend and mentor, Pastor Kenny, sent me this text:

“It’s 5:00am and God says your going to another level!!
Do not focus on things in the natural as He will often use those as means to get you there. Stay focused on spiritual things. Stay tuned into God as He is speaking to you and teaching you. Great things are about to come! God will take what the enemy meant for bad and turn it to good. Favor is in store for you. Faith is the key.”

Little did I know this prophecy was going to kick off a journey with God I will never forget. In August I was diagnosed with Uterine Papillary Serous Carcinoma. A rare form of uterine cancer that is aggressive and highly recurring.

It was at this time God led me to Graham Cooke. I was perusing iTunes looking for some new music and I see “Rise up a Warrior.” I thought…I’m a warrior! In this series God told me what this season is all about and how I needed to respond. He was preparing me for my calling. God talked to me in many ways through this journey, almost on a daily basis. But when He sat on the side of my bed and looked me in the eyes and spoke to me…Lori…it was through Graham’s teachings.

Here are a few of the messages God had for me in that series:

“You’re internal focus is a key to external freedom.

  • “A fresh revelation of my nature upgrades you to stand in a new dimension in the Spirit. In this place I have set a fresh provision for you. To bring you to a higher place then you’ve ever risen to. Come up higher my beloved. Hear me continuously whisper to you, arise my love, my fair one.”
  • “In the natural it will always look like you’re overwhelmed. But you stand in the shadow of the Almighty.”
  • “I always play to win. For you to overcome you must face the battle in the same way. You fight from victory not towards it.”
  • “This season will be most joyful and very painful for you. The pain will come because you will have to leave behind lessons you’ve been taught which you will discover were not real truths about Me. You will have to set aside logic and reason in favor of wisdom and intuition. I will confront in you all religious teaching that does not represent who I am. You must be free indeed to be a true warrior.” (I was brought up in the tradition of the gifts ending with the early church. This journey also marked a leap forward into the Spirit-filled life. I was relearning ALOT!)

As I was listening to this teaching Graham’s voice sounded familiar. Yes, his accent, but it was the Spirit of his voice. Then I ran across the song “Inheritance” and realized this was the song that began a previous breakthrough for me a few years prior. I was sitting in a lady’s home waiting for my kids to get done from a bible study and they were playing “Inheritance.” I was recovering from a 30 year abusive marriage, hadn’t felt, cried, truly laughed in a long time. As I sat there and the words were pouring over me—He loves you because He loves you because He loves you… I melted, cried buckets, and a door was opened for me.

I cannot adequately describe what Graham’s teachings have meant to me. I have now experienced God’s love for me. It’s real, tangible, passionate, more than just words in my bible. I learned through Graham’s teachings to ask God—Who do You want to be for me? During the cancer journey, I learned He is my Provider. There wasn’t a day, a need or a want that wasn’t touched and supplied by God in a most personal way. I learned that God especially loves me!

My daughter gave me a heart necklace for a belated birthday gift that year (I received the diagnosis on my birthday). It’s inscribed with the date and the words “Higher Level.” That was two years ago and I am occupying that new level, still cancer free.

–Lori Rask

Photo by Chiara Cremaschi licensed by CC 2.0


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