A Letter from Graham Cooke

It has been no secret that I have been battling with a severe illness since 2009. This is a two-part condition from a virus in 2009 that fried some of the nerve endings in my body resulting in constant inflammation of joints and muscles, and also contracting type 2 diabetes which exacerbates the pain problem.

The recovery program includes targeted insulin treatment plus a nutrition and exercise regime with resting periods for recuperation.

The constant physical demands of conferences, traveling and different time zones have all taken a heavy toll on my body. The levels of constant pain vary between moderate to severe daily. My capacity to recover from events and travel is taking longer.

I love prayer for healing. I have received prayer from dear friends in the ministry. I joyfully present myself to the Lord each day. He has been my keeper for six years and I am delighted with that relationship. I could not be happier with my life in Jesus than I am at this present time. Through an act of love I have been given the means to be able to take some time out to receive specialist treatment for my condition. From August 10th, 2015 I have cancelled some parts of my schedule for the remainder of this year and will have a different schedule for the whole of 2016.

There are some long-term projects that I will seek to maintain by God’s grace because they are at significant places in their Kingdom development. Those will be up on our website for 2015 and 2016 as a revised schedule.

I regret very much the difficulties this will cause for some churches and ministries, many of whom are dear friends. My desire is to be around for the long haul. There are many dreams and prophecies, desires and plans yet to be fulfilled. All of which will involve a fight in terms of opposition and pressure. I intend to be fit and ready for all of those engagements.I will take this time to meditate and write as I pursue my program for physical recovery.

With love and peace in Jesus,
Graham Cooke


14 thoughts on “A Letter from Graham Cooke

  1. Praying for you. Asking God to heal your physical body. Thanking God for your ministry. Thank you Jesus that Graham is Your son, my brother-in-Christ, and that his mind has been transformed with the Light of Christ. Thank you Holy Spirit that You have opened my mind through Graham’s teaching the Word. Thank you Papa for the fullness of Christ and His Spirit lives in me. Thank You Jesus for giving us the fruit of the Spirit and all Your attibutes to help guide us in responding to people around us. Thank you Graham for your faithfulness and love towards people like me. Thank you.


  2. Dear Graham,
    This is Carrie. David Isaac Judah is my son. You may remember him as a little 7 boy dancing on the stage at the world wide aglow conference in 2011 and again in 2013 when he was 9.
    In the fall of 2009, I was going through
    one of my toughest times while I was battling fibromyalgia, told I had lupus nd trokes, began to have seizures, experiencing migraines, vision and hearing fluctuations, and then neuropathy.
    All within this year I ended up laying my publishing business down and was homeless with a 5 year old boy at my side, David Isaac Judah.

    Day and night I played this cd set by you that was given to me titled, Broken people are useful to God.

    It was through listening to Daddy God’s heart through yours…day and night that I made it through this time.

    David Isaac Judah, knew your voice by heart. When he met you in 2011, 2012 and 2013…..he knew who you were and knew your voice.

    You not only spoke into my heart, you spoke into young this young child’s heart who has never had a Dad present.

    He saw me have seizures and was going through so much with it being just him and I n the tiny apartment.

    Daddy God used your voice as a fathering heart to speak into young 5 year old David’s heart, life and future.
    By the time he was 7 he danced on stage with you present, and again in 2012 in New Orleans and in 2013 in Orlando.
    Daddy God is so neat and beyond beautiful to orchestrate such this for David.

    Daddy God saved us in many ways through the gift of hearing His heart for us through your beautiful heart and soul.
    Thank you for being you and giving of so much of your time to reveal Father to us.
    David Isaac Judah and I will be holding
    you before our DAD’s heart…. in heart to heart prayer.
    Blessings always ~
    Inside of Grace at our Dad’s side,
    Carrie Rebecca Love Grace
    Sounds of Mercy

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  3. With you in prayer and believing for miracles for you and your whole family! Also for your awesome team ! You have the best of course! We know our beautiful Lord Jesus has greater for you and your family! My best to all of you and lots of hugs.


  4. Dear Graham,
    I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for your cd’s. I have given many away as gifts to those I love, and those I love have in turn given away to people they think can greatly benefit from your down to earth, not a perfect growing up type of life, testimony. I have listened again and again to your inheritance cd, this one has been quite a breakthrough for me personally, and as I listen again months later, I see my own growth because I can now relate to the things you shared from what is now my own experience with the Lord.
    I pray for you a wonderful recovery, in Jesus,
    Debbie Hislop


  5. I am such a small part of the big picture, but I So Value what Holy Spirit has taught me about walking in the prophetic and as the Lord’s disciple through you. I have also been touched by some chronic painful illness. Thank you for your honesty. I promise to intercede for you….. Maybe selfishly, because I really need your instruction, and gentle, humorous , humble ways as I walk into new territory for the Kingdom. All Jesus’ best to you!

    Jodi Luby


  6. Thank you for willingness to share this letter with the public. May The Lord refresh and restore you every second of every day. May His Voice surround you and give you peace. In His love and in mine.


  7. Believing for your complete healing and restoration. You have a mighty army to lead. We will press through and await your return. Thank you for all the teachings and encouragement you have deposited unto us thus far. I anticipate more great things as us are refreshed and rejuvenated.

    Be Blessed, Stephanie McMinn BeGenerous Inc. Founder/Exec. Director http://www.begenerousinc.org cell: 850-687-7384 Believing in true transformation through the love of Christ. “The founding mission; to assist families burdened by life-altering circumstances while providing tangible items and revealing the tangible necessity of JESUS CHRIST as our Savior.”

    Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2015 15:16:24 +0000 To: begenerous@live.com


  8. Graham, we are praying for you, For God to to heal you! I deal with pain also, I understand that pain. I pray for you to be healed In Jesus Name!

    You are an inspiring person in my life your encouragement and wisdom you impart in me to change the old lens!

    Thank you for sharing!


  9. Graham: Check out ASEA! It gave my friend his life back, it sounds like it might help you also. Bless you – thanks for pioneering the way!


  10. I just read your letter. I have almost all your books and CDs as I humbly and slowly walk through them. I only learned of you in 2016, but feel you have ministered life to me that I can minister to others. I pray God will raise you up in the physical to a wholly restored, healthy child of His. Your trust in Him in these times is such an example to us all – me as well with some recent diagnoses that impair usual life. May Abba be all in all for you and your family. God bless you


  11. I am in agreement with all that has been written. Graham you are one that not only lives in a true place of life but impart that to others. I am one who has and continues to live life through your teachings. Particularly through the journaling devotionals. You are truly a gift to the Church, certainly a gift and life giver to me. I am praying for full restoration and health as you complete Gods assignemt for you.Thank you for who you are,what you impart and the life and love of God that flows out of you.


  12. Dear Minister/Pastor Cooke,
    First & foremost Thank You for your ministry via the web. I discovered you (rather The Holy Spirit led me) to YouTube in 2016.
    I just read you open letter regarding battle you’ve been facing physically. Just know during a very very dark time in my life, feeling desperate and quite suicidal, your voice brought me much healing emotionally. I went to the beach many times just to listen to your teachings. The darkness would lift. As you continue to fight , I too will stand in agreement for your healing. You’re touching many many lives for Christ and with that the enemy has sought to discourage you. While you’ve been fighting for your health physically- Father used you to help me heal mentally.
    I cherish the sound of you voice. The Precious Holy Spirit continue to minister to you, The Father continue to Bless you. And May Our Lord HEAL you.
    In Christ Jesus Name. Amen


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