Not For Sale: Reinvent the Bay Area

Not For Sale started with a powerful vision: to see the end of modern-day slavery in this lifetime. Right now, millions of people around the world are exploited everyday. But because of people like you, the fight for freedom is gaining momentum. This year, in addition to growing our global projects, we began tackling exploitation in the U.S. head on.

Part of that mission was creating a work-readiness program called Reinvent. Reinvent was launched in September 2014. Since it’s launch, 35 young women have graduated from the work­-readiness and life-­skills training program. Ninety percent of the young women served by Reinvent are survivors of human trafficking in the San Francisco Bay Area. The remaining 10 percent are at a high­risk of exploitation. Many of the young women taking part in the program are also the mothers of children under five years of age. The program is designed to give these young women a second chance at a life free from exploitation. Just recently, these women graduated and began three­ month paid traineeships at local Bay Area businesses.

To learn more about Not For Sale or to contribute to this cause as well as many of their other projects across the globe, please visit


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