A Brilliant Way Forward— Introducing The Power Of Positivity Pack

The Power of Positivity Pack is brand new to the Brilliant Book House site this month, and it’s the perfect collection to keep your spirits lifted and your heart focused on God in this season. This combination of teachings will renew your mind to the goodness and kindness of the Father and all that He has planned for you.
 The Power of Positivity
The Power of Positivity Pack includes the journal, The Language of Promise, and two CD teachings: Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit and The Practice of Delight.

“The Holy Spirit wants to see you connect with God no matter what state your life is in. His job is to help you find and enjoy God’s grace.”
from The Language Of Promise
The Language of Promise is a journal filled with questions, reflective journaling space and a meditation, all focused on the magnitude of God’s love for us. This journal was designed to help you break free of from a performance mindset and start living in the present, bathed in His limitless love. Once you stop worrying about the “right” thing to do, you will only be concerned with abiding in Him through peace and rest. This is living by faith. This is the life God wants you to have!
“What are the relationships around your life right now that are causing you some distress? What if you could allocate a fruit of the Spirit and turn that whole thing around? What if an enemy could become a friend because you choose love? Nothing can resist the fruit of the Spirit. Nothing works against it!”
from Cultivating The Fruit Of The Spirit
Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit is one of Graham’s newest and most popular teachings because it will show you how to look at a negative circumstance from an entirely new perspective. We grow up learning to process life through the negativity of the world around us. We learn to react to the circumstance instead of keeping our focus on the Father. But in Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit Graham teaches the importance of seeking out the fruit that God has placed next to every negative. When we can start to see the blessing in every circumstance, we will become a blessing to those around us!
“We must recover delight as a way of life, and delight depends upon just getting a glimpse of the majesty of Jesus; just learning to be awestruck and astonished. There’s only one way to live this life and it is to be astonished!”
from The Practice Of Delight
The Practice of Delight is a single-disc teaching all about learning to be delighted in the work of the Holy Spirit. When we get caught up in the busyness of life, it’s easy to feel like seasons of process and transition are less than stellar, but every change and every circumstance in life is the Holy Spirit moving us closer to God, empowering us to be made in the image of Christ. Delight in Who He is for you, and delight in the favor and kindness He lavishes upon you!
This collection is perfect for anyone who struggles with negative thinking, or if you just want to spend some time with the Father, being reminded of all He does for you. The Power of Positivity Pack is $20, and only available for the month of November, so be sure to check it out today at www.BrilliantBookHouse.com!

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