Let Go and Know

Let Go

The original Hebrew root of “be still” doesn’t mean “be quiet”; it means “let go.
“Let go…and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

How many thoughts or behaviors are we holding onto that simply no longer belong in our lives anymore? After reading this version of Psalm 46:10, it’s a question that I’ve been asking a lot recently. What mindsets or language have become so familiar that I’ve not realized that they’re no longer who I really am? And what chaos are they creating that makes it difficult to perceive who God wants to be for me now?

What if the next level of our peace isn’t about attaining something,
but letting go of what no longer fits who we’ve become?

Most of us have that pair of old shoes or favorite shirt that accompanied us on great adventures, but that we rarely wear now. Or a piece of art that’s been on the same wall for 20 years that is so familiar, we almost forget it’s there. What was once avant garde has now become dated, but we really haven’t noticed. Like these familiar relics in our daily lives, how much are our old patterns of perception, thinking and behavior are cluttering up our New Man journey, leaving little space for a upgraded encounter with the true nature of God?

What if a fresh knowledge of God
is waiting to flood into the space of what we’re willing to let go of?

There are areas of our lives where true transformation is occurring. We are encountering new things about the true nature of God. So it’s good to assess what is still relevant in our relationship with Him, and what it’s time to let go of. A wise friend recently said, “The good things that are still working are often the worst enemy of our next level of greatness.” Your mindsets may be much better than they used to be; they’re good…but are they great? And is that next landscape of great relationship and revelation difficult to discern in the chaos of the “good” ways that you’ve outgrown?

Is it time to let go of the clutter of the familiar: of old ways of seeing, thinking and speaking that no longer reflect our true identity? And in doing so, open up a space…a wide-open space of stillness, free of unnecessary patterns, we can hear and know God in a new way.

Listen to your conversations this week. How do you talk about yourself? Does it reflect who you’re discovering your life in Christ to be?

Are there behaviors related to old insecurities that are more of a habit than a true representation of your growing confidence in who God is in you, to you and through you?

If a problem presents itself, have you begun to think about the possibilities, but then defaulted to the routine of anxiety that seems socially acceptable?

When we’ve begun to exchange a Kingdom perspective for an earth-bound mindset, there simply isn’t room for everything to stay. We get to choose.

We can wait for God’s realities to eventually displace our lesser ways, or we can accelerate that process by actively letting go of what is no longer helpful.

As Graham Cooke has often said, “What we think about God is the most important thought we’ll ever have.” Amazing places of internal stillness, rest and brilliant thoughts about God are waiting for us; places where we will know, that we know, that we know His majesty, grace, goodness and joy… and be known by Him in a way that satisfies our souls deeply and brings peace that surpasses what we can understand, no matter what is occurring.

Anything less than that is worth letting go of.

–Allison Bown


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