God’s Language Is Love

The Language of Love

Everything that is good and right comes from a Father who never changes. It is His consistency and faithfulness that is the bedrock of our ability to receive. It simply does not depend upon us! He is the origin, the cause, the motive and the source of every gift. It will always be this way. He is the Beginning and the Ending for all of us, for all time. His passion is to make each of us a joyful carrier of His word through His promises so that we may enjoy the certainty of our receiving His gifts and goodness.

Think of it: we are the first fruits of His huge desire to have a people represent His Excellence. Our role in the Earth is to proclaim the fact of God’s outstanding goodness by living the life of promise that He has set aside for us. All God’s promises are yes! And amen! in Christ Jesus. Paul put it this way in his letter to the church in Rome:

…who has first given to Him that it might be paid back to Him again? For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.
(Romans 11:35-36 NASB)

It is not possible for us to initiate anything with God. Paul asks who has ever given to God first. God initiates, we respond by receiving and then we give back to God the very thing He gave us in the first place. From, through and to Him are all things. Everything He wants from us He gives to us.

This is amazing, wonderful, outrageous and mind-boggling stuff! This means that when the Holy Spirit convicts me of something, He is also relaying the Father’s willingness to supply what I lack. Therefore:

  • Conviction regarding our inability to pray also released the promise that He will help us.
  • Struggling with unclean thoughts? Conviction also brings with it the promise of purity.
  • Problems with doubt, unbelief? With conviction the Lord seeks to initiate faith.

Get the message? The promise releases the gift. Conviction seeks to re-establish the divine order. The Holy Spirit points out our need and the provision at the same time. Conviction restores us to being open to the goodness of God. From Him, through Him and to Him are all things…marvelous.

Each of us must see ourselves in that cycle in the manner that the Father has declared. To live as part of His cycle of life we must understand that all of His language to us is full of promise to us. He delights to speak to us and is blessed by our expectancy.

The tragedy of modern Christianity is that much of it is performance-oriented. We think we have to do something to get something from God. “God can’t possibly like me because I’m not doing anything,” we say. “God can’t love me, I don’t pray enough. I don’t give enough. I don’t worship enough. I don’t read enough.” But how much is actually enough? We shouldn’t be constantly quantifying “enough,” but we should be serving God because He loves us. Present-day Christians are quick to fall into the same trap Martha did in Luke 10, thinking that we have to prove ourselves worthy of a relationship with Jesus. Being Mary, and basking in Jesus’ love, is a severe challenge for us.

The language of love is something we must all learn. We have to understand how God sees us, so that we can see Him more clearly. God loves us and, because He loves us, we want to talk to Him. Everything we can give to God comes from Him in the first place. It begins and ends with God, because intimacy is a cycle.

In the natural world, we see many examples of this type of cycle. Water falls from the sky, and returns to the heavens by the process of evaporation. The moon does not generate its own light, but reflects the light of the sun in the night sky. The image in a mirror is nothing more than a reflection of the actual object. Likewise, our love for God is a reflection of His love for us. Love begins and ends with God.

–An excerpt from The Language of Promise

The Language of Promise is currently available as part of The Power of Positivity Pack, a collection of Graham’s teachings that are focused on learning to always be delighted in the Lord! We are the much-loved children of God! What’s not to be excited about? You can check out The Power of Positivity Pack at BrilliantBookHouse.com.


One thought on “God’s Language Is Love

  1. Just finished reading and it is exactly what I needed…I cried tears of joy because I was reminded of Gods LOVE even when I couldn’t pray. Thank you it’s been a rough few years. Thank you.


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