Wednesday Special Offer for November 11, 2015!

Today only you can download a FREE copy of Overcoming Negativity through Rest at Brilliant Book House!

Overcoming Negativity

Overcoming Negativity through Rest is a powerful message about overcoming difficult circumstances through peace and full confidence in the Father. The enemy preys on us at our weakest moments, when we’ve allowed ourselves to become weighed down by stress and anxiety. The enemy knows how to take a circumstance and use it against you! But, by learning how to partner with the Holy Spirit and keep your eyes focused on the Lord, you can establish a lifestyle of peace and rest that will always lead you to victory!

Be sure to check out this MP3 teaching for FREE today, or purchase the CD for only $5 until midnight tonight!

Download the FREE MP3!
Purchase the CD.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Special Offer for November 11, 2015!

  1. Hello

    Would it be possible to request the free download

    I am in UK and I think in just picking up this email, perhaps the link expired?

    Thank you for your help,




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